Aimee Schmalzle: VP of Marketing for Spafinder Wellness Email

Aimee Schmalzle is the VP of Marketing for Spafinder Wellness, a health-focused eCommerce store that sells vitamins, supplements, and fitness equipment. She has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, product marketing, and sales, and has worked with some of the largest health brands in the U.S. She specializes in healthcare marketing, including pharmacy and wellness, and has worked with some of the largest healthcare organizations in the U.S. to develop marketing strategies and oversee media relations. She was named by Entrepreneur as one of the top 50 marketing executives to follow on Instagram, and was selected as one of the Top 50 Women in Digital Marketing to follow in 2019.

Why Did You Choose A Career In Digital Marketing?

I originally chose a career in digital marketing because I wanted to use my creative skills to help businesses grow and succeed. While I was pursuing my undergraduate studies, I obtained several certifications related to digital marketing including Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Google Analytics. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, I immediately set out to find a career in digital marketing. I started off as a marketing assistant at a pharmaceutical company in 2012 and was later promoted to marketing manager. While there, I oversaw all online marketing efforts including SEO, content strategy, and social media. In 2016, I transitioned to a direct marketing role, where I managed a department that was tasked with generating new business leads. I have since remained in this role, but have taken on more responsibility and have become more involved in the strategic planning of our growth. I truly believe that my education and experience in marketing provide me with a unique perspective in leading our company in the future.

How Would You Describe Your Personality In Three Words?

I would describe my personality in three words as determined, driven, and optimistic. Determined because I believe that you should be driven by what you want out of life, driven because I am always looking for ways to improve myself and my team, and optimistic because I always see the positive potential in situations.

Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

In five years, I see myself still actively involved in digital marketing. There are so many opportunities in this space to grow and develop, and I am passionate about continuing to build my career in digital marketing. Whether it’s overseeing our marketing strategy or developing new marketing campaigns, I’m sure that I’ll still be using my skills and experience to help businesses succeed online.

What Is Your Favorite Hobby?

My favorite hobby is traveling. I enjoy exploring different places and meeting new people. Seeing new places and being able to share my experience with others is what makes traveling such a rewarding hobby. In addition to traveling, my hobbies include running, playing tennis, and golfing. I also enjoy reading and learning new things.

What Is Your Favorite Travel Destination?

My favorite travel destination is Italy. I’ve been there many times and always enjoy my time there. The food is amazing, the people are warm, and there are so many places for me to explore. I also love how scenic the country is, with its beautiful cities and towns. I’ve been to both ends of the country; I’ve been to the north and also traveled to the south where I got to see a different side of Italy. I’ve visited quite a lot of places, but Pisa, Lucca, and Siena are a few that I remember because they’re such photogenic cities.

You can also follow Aimee on Instagram to stay updated on her travels and adventures.

What Is The Most Luxurious Thing You Have Ever Purchased?

The most luxurious thing I have ever purchased is a Piccolo Spritz White Gold. It’s a small bottle of Italian spritz that I adore. I think about it often when I’m out and about. I even bring it with me to work sometimes as a treat for my colleagues. It’s such an elegant way to end a meal or at the end of a long day. There are other luxurious things I could mention such as a Tom Brady jersey, a Louis Vuitton handbag, or a Gucci Mane hat, but the luxury that I mentioned is the one that has meant the most to me. When I think about it, I feel like a princess.

What Is The Most Functional Product That You Own?

The most functional product that I own is a Laurence & Cole Sprocket. I use it to store and access my music, and I also use it to charge my mobile devices. I took it with me on a family vacation to Iceland a few years ago, and it was so handy. We traveled with it plugged into our car’s dashboard, and my kids used it to charge their mobile devices throughout the trip. Not only that, but it also doubled as an impromptu music player for them when they were in the backseat.

Do You Have A Dream House You’ld Like To Concrete In The Future?

In the future, I would like to concrete my dream house. Whether it’s a large garden with a pool or a smaller one, I just want to enjoy being outside and relaxing with my family. If I had to choose a location, I would say Southern Italy because I feel that there is so much opportunity to explore the area and make it a base for traveling. As for the house itself, I would like it to be a beautiful blend of western and eastern design elements. I would like to include a lot of wood in the interior because I feel that it brings life and warmth to a room. There should also be an emphasis on the wellness aspect, with spa-like bathrooms and a wellness lounge.

Do You Have Any Fashion Predictions For The Next Decade?

I predict that fashion will continue to evolve, and I believe that sustainable and ethical fashion will become more prominent. For example, I see more people caring about the environment and wanting to reduce their carbon footprint. As a result, I think that customers will seek out brands that care about climate change and use eco-friendly products. Fashion companies will need to follow suit and ensure that they are not harming the environment in any way to keep consumers interested. I also believe that people will become more interested in individual style and fashion blogging because it’s such an accessible way to explore different facets of style and express one’s personality. I think that customers will want to know more about a brand or a designer’s backstory and what makes them motivated and determined to create a unique design or product. In the next decade, I see more emphasis on individuality and less emphasis on mass production and homogeneity.

To wrap things up, I would say that Aimee is an inspiring woman who possesses an unquenchable thirst for travel and adventure. She is passionate about her career and has found a way to combine her love of marketing with her wanderlust. In the coming years, I can see Aimee continuing to rise through the ranks and become a sought-after speaker and consultant.

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