4 Steps to Answering 10 Essential Email Marketing Questions

In the last two years, email marketing has evolved from being considered a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have” component of a marketing strategy.

Why? Let’s explore the most asked questions around email marketing and how you can best answer them.

Here, we will discuss the key things you need to keep in mind as you develop your email marketing strategy, including how to approach designing your email template, crafting effective headline and body copy, and measuring the success of your campaign.

1. How Do I Begin An Email Marketing Campaign?

The first step to launching an email marketing campaign is to set up a mail chimp account. This is an email marketing tool that has become immensely popular due to its ease of use and the sheer number of features that it offers. Getting set up with a mail chimp account is quick and easy; you can follow the instructions on the website and within a few hours you will have set up an account and be ready to begin your campaign.

2. How Long Before I Start Seeing Results From My Email Marketing Campaign?

Just like any other marketing tactic, the success of your email marketing campaign depends a lot on how well you execute it. The best practice for setting up an email marketing campaign is to not rush it, but instead to take your time and do it right. That being said, you should see results within the first few months of your campaign, but it can take up to a year for the full effect to be seen.

3. How Many Miles Do I Need To Travel To Reach My Target Audience?

Simply put, you need to determine how many miles you need to travel to reach your target audience. This is known as the radius of your radius and it is a critical decision that will directly impact the cost and feasibility of your campaign. Answering this question is a little tricky because, as a marketer, you will have the best estimate of your audience’s location and the vast majority of your campaigns will be sent to people who are nearby. That being said, you need to bear in mind that the more miles you travel, the more you will cost. Whether you’re using car services or going in person, you will need to budget for your miles.

4. How Do I Measure The Success Of My Email Marketing Campaign?

Answering this question is just as important as knowing how to begin an email marketing campaign, if not more so. Unlike other marketing tactics, the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign cannot be easily gauged. One of the best things about email marketing is that you cannot always predict how a particular email will be received by its target audience. So while it’s easy to see the results of your print campaigns in the form of sales, leads, and conversions, you will need to come up with a different metric for measuring the success of your email marketing campaigns.

The most common measure of the success of an email marketing campaign is click-through rate. Simply put, this is the percentage of people who opened the email and clicked on a link or picture within it. This metric can be easily calculated by looking at the numbers in your “open” and “click” buttons within your mail chimp account. If you rely on click-through rate to determine the success of your email marketing campaign, you are severely limiting its potential. To really succeed with email marketing, you will need to look at a variety of metrics, including;

  • Unsubscribe Rates
  • Sales
  • Leads
  • Lifetime Value
  • Demographics
  • Content Performance
  • Inventory Accuracy

The more you know, the more you can calculate. These are just some of the most commonly asked questions around email marketing. With the right information and a little bit of effort, you can answer all of these questions and more.

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