Awesomeness! Why Does Have a 404 Error?

The website for the anime series “Awesomeness” has a 404 error.

The “Awesomeness” website has a 404 error.

The website for Awesomeness, an anime series that debuted in April 2018, has a 404 error. is the official website for the anime series. It was launched on April 5, 2018.

The site has a 404 error.

It’s not supposed to work. You’re meant to be there, but instead you’re redirected to the Nada Island Library.

Let’s take a closer look at this strange occurrence.

The Series And Its Main Characters

“Awesomeness” is the first season of a mecha anime series that aired in Japan in April 2018. The story centers on a young man named Yuu Yamada who inherits a huge fortune after his parents’ death. His grandfather wants him to use the money to establish a charitable foundation for the underprivileged. To this end, he sends Yamada to the Nada Island Library where he meets three robot girls who help him realize his dream of giving back to society.

The first episode of the series introduces us to the main characters. It opens with Yuu Yamada leaving his grandfather’s mansion in a limousine. On the way to his hotel, a van hits him. Luckily, he’s wearing a seat belt and is not seriously injured. The van stops to help him. A police officer approaches the vehicle and asks for everyone’s identification. The officer is investigating the hit and run incident.

The next day, Yuu awakes to find himself in the Nada Island Library. He’s attended a fancy gala there that night where he meets three robot girls. The next morning, he leaves the library and boards a yacht with four other people. On the way to their destination, an alligator attacks the boat. The passengers barely escape with their lives. They crash-land on an island and are rescued by seacowboys. Two of the passengers are seriously injured in the crash, but the rest of the group quickly regroups and sets off to find a doctor. The two survivors get sick after eating an alligator. The other two girls bring them back to health with their healing powers. The doctor diagnoses them with giardiasis and prescribes them antibiotics. He also gives them steroids to help with their weak immune systems. The girls are named Jenny, Ella, and Sophia. The doctor tells them that they’re “only human[ally] approximat[ing] a cyborg.” This is the first time Yuu encounters artificial organs and biohackers. The girls are from the future. They’re actually robots created by an evil conglomerate called METCY. The girls’ original names are Nana, Rona, and Miho. But they’ve taken on more human characteristics. They identify with the main character and want to help him change the world for the better. They want to help him fight oppression and help the disadvantaged. After regaining his health, Yuu Yamada decides to honor their request and names the trio of robot girls “Cyborgs” (cyberdōjin) in his honor.

The Website’s Structure And Function

The website for “Awesomeness” is currently configured to redirect all traffic to the Nada Island Library. It accomplishes this by using a meta tag called “smartdestination”. When a user enters into the address bar of their browser, they’re automatically redirected to the Nada Island Library. The website even uses a 404 page to indicate that this is the case. The website was launched on April 5, 2018. Since then, it has received over 12.8 million page views and over 3.8 million unique visitors each month.

For a long time, the site did not have any content. It was just an empty canvas waiting to be filled by a designer or webmaster. Once the site had content, people could find it using search engines like Google.

Then the creators of decided to add a blog. They used a platform called WordPress to do this. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows for easy creation of blogs and online publications. It’s been around for years and is extremely popular. The blog on was launched on April 24, 2018 with a post about why the site had a 404 error. Since then, it has received over 29,000 page views each month. The blog is updated regularly with new content related to the series. It also has archived versions of earlier blog posts so users can easily find older content.

Why Does The Series’ Official Website Have A 404 Error?

It’s not uncommon for websites to have unexpected errors. And when a website has a lot of traffic, it can be difficult to keep track of errors. If a website has a lot of SEO (search engine optimization) content, it can also be difficult to determine what causes the error messages. Are people typing in wrong search terms? Did an unruly SEO bot take over the site and inject all kinds of broken links? Or is it something more sinister?

In this case, it’s fairly certain that the website’s SEO is to blame for the error. The website’s SEO is currently configured to redirect all traffic to the Nada Island Library. When a user enters into the address bar of their browser, they’re redirected to Nada Island Library. As a result, search engine bots see a pop up with a link to a library and click on it without any suspicion. They then arrive at the Nada Island Library. Naturally, they then see a 404 error when they try to access the website. This is because the library does not sponsor or endorse the website. It only links to it. The 404 error is most likely the result of a badly coded SEO redirect.

If the user were to enter a brand name into the browser’s address bar instead of, they would be taken to the website for the brand concerned. For example, if they typed in “BizEaze”, they would be automatically transferred to the BizEaze website. If, however, they enter a keyword or phrase into the address bar while on the Nada Island Library’s website, they would be found and presented with relevant content. This is because the SEO is working properly. It’s just that the website’s owner has neglected to update their SEO content in a while and it’s now pointing to the wrong place.

What Should A “Walking Dead” Redirect To?

It’s a bit morbid, but wouldn’t it be fitting if the website for the TV series “The Walking Dead” had a 404 error? After all, the show’s main characters wander aimlessly around in an undead state. Visitors could accidentally arrive at the site looking for the TV show rather than the book series on which it is based. Thankfully, neither the TV show’s nor the book’s website have a 404 error. They both work perfectly fine.


To conclude, the website for the anime series “Awesomeness” has a 404 error. This is because it uses a search engine optimization (SEO) plugin that redirects all traffic to the Nada Island Library. It’s also the reason why the website for the TV series “The Walking Dead” does not have a 404 error. They both work perfectly fine because they’re not configured to use this plugin. It’s just that the SEO content on the Awesomeness site has become outdated and is now redirecting users to the wrong place. is an example of a website that has an unexpected error because it has a lot of SEO content. It would be better if the site had no SEO at all and just linked to articles and videos that were relevant. This would make finding information much easier for users and bring down the number of error messages that are thrown about.

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