How to Design a Winning Email for Your AWeber Account

In order to successfully grow your email list and become a better marketer, you need to start by asking yourself this question: “How do I want people to respond to my emails?”

This question is more relevant to marketers who use AWeber to build and grow their email lists. If you’re looking for a free email marketing tool, you can’t go wrong with AWeber. One of the best things about AWeber is that it allows you to fully customize the emails you send out using their unique drag-and-drop email editor.

But, if you want to take your email marketing to the next level, you need to consider what your email template should include.

The Four Essential Components To A Winning Email

In line with the recent updates to AWeber’s UI, the template layout has been changed. Gone are the days of a simple & basic text-based email. Now, you have the option to add more content and images to your emails. However, if you want to keep things simple yet effective, you can use the basic layout.

In terms of the subject line, you have the option to use either the standard or the clickable subject line. While the default is the standard subject line with “sub:” appended to it, you can change the subject line to something more unique and compelling. The clickable subject line feature is great for better ranking in search engines. When a user decides to click on a certain subject line, they are more likely to be interested in the content that’s presented inside the email.

Personalize Your Subject Line

If you want to improve your odds of getting your emails opened and acted upon, you need to give them a personal and individualized touch. This begins with a personalized subject line and extends to the actual content of your email.

You can either use your name or the name of the company you work for in the subject line. The name itself, whether it’s your first name, last name, or company name, can’t give the email a personal touch. But, if you use your name in the subject line, you’re not only giving the email a personal touch, but you’re also inviting the reader to identify with you.

If you use the name of the company in the subject line, you’re also giving the email a personal and individualized touch, but you’re not inviting the reader to identify with you. This is an important distinction to make.

Another great way to give an email a personal touch is to put in some thought into the content of your email. While the size of your list determines how much content you need to include to make an impact, it’s still essential to include something that’ll make the reader interested in your message.

Use Suitable Images

An image is worth a thousand words, and we all know what words can be effective when used appropriately. But, we also know what words can be hurtful when used inappropriately. Make sure that your email doesn’t come off too much like a commercial; you don’t want to give the impression that your brand is trying to sell something. Instead, find a way to visually represent your brand.

For example, if you’re selling shoes, put a picture of the pair of shoes on your email. Or, if you’re an online clothing store, you could put a picture of a cute dress or a sweater on your email.

Whatever you put in the image section, make sure that it’s relevant to the content of your email. If you do have a product to sell, make sure that the image isn’t too subtle in its attempt to sell the product. Instead, put in a lot of thought into what type of picture(s) would be most effective for the email.

Include Calls to Action

Include calls to action in your email. This could include asking the reader to click a button to continue reading, subscribing to your list, or purchasing a product that you’re promoting. The key is to put a call to action at the end of every email.

However, you don’t want to put in too many calls to actions or make them overly obvious. Instead, find a way to incorporate them into a piece of content that’ll be useful to the reader.

Make It Short And Sweet

It’s always better when someone reads something brief and to the point. If you want to write a full-blown long email, make sure that you keep things short and sweet. We’ve all been there. We’ve seen that long and complicated email threads can be very frustrating. Keep things short and sweet, and you’ll keep the reader’s attention.

Avoid Clutter

One of the biggest problems that plague marketers today is too much content and information being shoved into every possible nook and cranny of our social media platforms. We’re constantly being bombarded with countless blog posts, videos, and memes as part of our news feeds.

As a result, many of us have developed attention disorders, constantly trying to avoid any kind of content that might be considered “spam.” To avoid this pitfall, make sure that your content is either directly related to what the reader is looking for or that it adds value to what they already know.

Use These Email Design Tips To Build A Winning Email

Now that you have the basics, let’s get into some more detail. Here are some of the best tips for creating a winning email that’ll make your AWeber experience significantly better.

Make It Actionable

If you want someone to do something, make sure that they can easily understand what it is that you’re asking of them. Include easy instructions on how to follow your tips or use your product. People hate wasting time, so make sure that your email is quick and easy to understand.

With shorter attention spans on the rise, being able to read an email and quickly understand what action you’re asking the reader to take is a great way to ensure that your email gets opened and acted upon.

Keep It Organized

Organized and well-written emails are much easier to comprehend and act upon than ones that aren’t well-written and haven’t been well-thought-out. As a marketer, you’re always scrambling to get the latest blog post published, the newest video finished, or the launch of a new product to advertise.

To ensure that you don’t miss a beat, try and write a mini-manual for yourself. This way, you’ll be prepared should anything happen. You don’t want to be scrambling to figure out what the heck you’re supposed to be doing because you didn’t write down the steps.

Include Keywords

Never underestimate the power of words. Make sure to include some keywords within your content. If you’re writing in a narrative style, make sure that your content contains words that are related to your niche. For example, if you’re a doctor specializing in obesity, make sure that your writing includes some of these keywords:

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