How to Disable Double Opt-In in AWeber

In case you’re wondering, double opt-in is a feature in many email marketing software applications that allows you to send emails to people who have registered with your site (or made a purchase, etc.) without having their email address in your database. When they registered or made a purchase, they were given an email with a confirmation link. They must click on that link to confirm they want to receive more messages from your company (or whatever reason you have for wanting to send them these emails). It’s a way to cut down on your opt-in list and maintain a pristine database.

You don’t have to use AWeber to practice double opt-in, but if you do, here’s how to disable it. To start, visit your Settings page (click on the gear icon in the upper right corner) and select the Privacy option.

From here, you can select the Double Opt-in setting (shown below) that will stop you from sending duplicate emails to people who’ve signed up (or made a purchase, etc.) using the confirmation link they were sent after registering or making a purchase.

If you’d like to disable this feature for all users or just yourself, click on the “Update Settings” button at the bottom of the page.

You can also download the AWeber mobile app to change these settings on the go.

More Than Meets The Eye

For more than 10 years, Double Opt-in has been an essential tool for keeping my email list clean. When a tool can save you so much time and allow you to have more clients/customers, it’s a tool you should get to know and learn to love. Thanks for reading!

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