AWeber Email Collecting Policy

With the surge in email marketing come the complications of managing an email list. The practice of capturing email addresses organically through blogs and social media has led to a deluge of emails in your Inbox. Without a proper policy in place, this information can be difficult to manage. That’s why we’ve put together this AWeber email collecting policy to make your life a little bit easier. Keep reading for more information on how you can best utilize this document.

The Benefits Of Having An Email List

If you’re looking for an endorsement from a company whose products you’ve been using for a while, you might want to consider an email list. Why? Email marketing is one of the very first lines of commerce for any business. From sign-ups to product purchases, everyone’s email is within reach for marketers. If you want to take your branding and marketing to the next level, consider the benefits of email lists below.

Product Awareness

Whether you sell fitness equipment or food supplements, you’ll definitely want to keep your customers informed of any new products and promotions. One way to do this is through email marketing. Simply put, when someone subscribes to your list, you’ll be able to send them emails regarding new products and launches. Your customers will appreciate you keeping them up-to-date on what’s happening.

Moreover, this practice of sending occasional emails can help to sustain a relationship with your customers. Studies have shown that frequent email contact increases the chance of a sale by 20%. So, by establishing a relationship with your customers through a series of curated emails, you can hopefully increase your bottom line.

Generating Sales

If you want to grow your business, you’ll have to find ways to generate more sales. One way to do this is through email marketing. One of the main reasons why people buy a product or service they’ve been offered in an email is because they’re more likely to be interested in the content than they are in the email’s subject line. In the case of a lead magnet or a free gift, this is even more true. The offer itself is what hooks the reader in, not the headline or the sender’s email address.

Growing Your List

As your business grows, you’ll want to find ways to keep up with the increasing amounts of email that come rolling in. One way to do this is through email list building. As we mentioned above, customers appreciate receiving curated emails from you. Moreover, many lists allow for bulk editing. So, if you want to add, remove, or edit emails in your list, you can do so with the click of a button.

Managing The List

One of the things that make email marketing so valuable is that it’s so easy to manage. If you use an email marketing platform like AWeber, you can set up automated email campaigns, segment your list according to interests, and perform A/B testing to find the best subject lines and senders’ pitches.

These are just a handful of the things that make email marketing so valuable. Above all else, having an email list means you have a ready-made audience that you can continue to engage with and nurture over time.

Reducing Churn

One of the major problems with any marketing channel, including email, is that people unsubscribe from mailing lists frequently. If you’re on a list that you believe is valuable, you’ll want to find a way to keep your subscribers engaged and interested in your messages. One way to do this is to send them a series of curated emails.

If someone subscribed to your list because they believe in your value proposition, they’re more likely to keep receiving your emails. Sending too many unsolicited emails can cause subscribers to unsubscribe. So, if you want to reduce your churn and maintain a steady stream of customers, consider sending them educational or entertaining emails.

What Is Churn?

Churn, in the context of email marketing, refers to the percentage of your subscriber base that terminates their subscriptions to your list every month. For some marketers, churn can be as high as 20% and is generally considered undesirable. The good news is that there are definite ways you can reduce your churn and build a more stable subscriber base.

Tips For Less Churn

To reduce your churn and build a more stable subscriber base, consider the following tips:

1. Personalize Your Emails

Depending on what tool you use to drive traffic to your website, you may already be experiencing some level of success. If you use email marketing to grow your business, you’ll eventually want to segment your audience and create individualized emails for your subscribers. Doing this takes a bit of work, but it’s worth it. The key is to make sure that the content inside the email is relevant to the subscriber and not just a recycled pitch that you’ve sent to thousands of other people.

2. Build Relationships With Your Subscribers

Another important thing to do if you want to reduce your churn is to build a relationship with your subscribers. You can do this through personalized emails or through social media. Either way, you want to establish a connection with your audience so that when you do offer something of value, they’re more inclined to listen. In return, you’ll gain credibility and trust when you engage with your customers.

3. Target Your Audience

One of the best things about email marketing is that you can target your audience and send your messages to people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to say. The key is to figure out who your ideal customer is and create content that you know they’ll be interested in. If you want to reduce your churn, consider looking at the interests of your existing subscribers. Based on what you know about them, you can create content that will appeal to them and keep them subscribed. Moreover, you can use a tool like Google Analytics to figure out the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your audience. Using this data, you can target your future email marketing campaigns so that they’re more effective.

4. Measure The Results Of Your Campaign

To keep track of your email marketing efforts and determine which ones are working and which are not, you’ll need to set up automated email campaigns. Then, you can easily track the results of your efforts and determine whether or not you should continue with this approach. Some of the key metrics you’ll want to track include:

– Adds –

This metric tracks the number of new subscribers you’ve gained through your email marketing efforts. To best determine how effective your campaigns have been, look at your adds versus your list size. For example, if you have 5000 subscribers and you gain 300 new subscribers through a marketing campaign, your CTR (Click Through Rate) would be 3%.

– Unsubscribes –

This metric tracks the number of subscribers you’ve lost due to unsubscribe requests. To stop receiving unwanted emails, your customers will need to confirm their subscription to your list. When someone unsubscribes, it usually means they no longer want to receive your messages. In order to determine how effective your email campaigns have been, look at your unsubscribes versus your list size. For example, if you have 5000 subscribers and you lose 300 subscribers due to unsubscribe requests, your unsubscribe rate would be 6%.

– Demographics –

This metric measures the percentage of your audience that is male versus female. From a business standpoint, you’ll want to target your messages to specific genders if you’re looking to maximize your revenue. In terms of email marketing, the demographics of your audience can determine what types of content you should create. For example, if you find that a majority of your audience is made up of men, you might want to create content designed specifically for them.

– Interests –

This metric measures the percentage of your audience that is interested in various topics. As we mentioned above, you’ll want to create content that is most likely to appeal to your customers. Looking at the interests of your subscribers allows you to determine the topics of your next content campaign. Simply enter their email address into the search bar of your favorite interest survey, and you’ll see a list of the most popular interests. You can use this information to create content that will undoubtedly be of interest to them.

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