How to Add a Dropdown List to AWeber Form

If you’re reading this, I presume you’re either a) a software developer or b) interested in becoming one.

What is AWeber? AWeber is marketing automation software that helps online retailers, brands, and marketers grow their businesses. You might know them as GetSocial or UberEATS.

If you’re not familiar with AWeber, they provide excellent online marketing training. In my role as an AWeber instructor, I get to teach people the ins and outs of marketing with AWeber. Along the way, we’ll cover the basics of creating a marketing plan, setting up email campaigns, and analyzing performance.

Introducing Dropdown Lists

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. If you read my blog post Pro Tips from an Expert: Launching a New Product, you’ll know that I’ve been writing a lot about launching new products. As part of my product launch strategy, I needed a way to let users select from a variety of delivery options. As a restaurant owner with a fledgling delivery service, I was looking for a solution to make accepting online restaurant orders easier.

On my form, I added a dropdown list of options with, SkipTheDriveThru, and DoorDash as tags. As you can see from the screenshot below, I can customize the list with all the different delivery options in mind. When a user submits the form with an option selected, it automatically sets the corresponding entry in the database.

You’ll notice that I also have three labels. One for each delivery app. When the customer selects an option from the dropdown list, I’ll show them related products via the labels.

Using the AWeber API to Create Relationships

I can also use the API to create relationships between my products and users. Say I sell t-shirts and have a product for men and another for women. I can create a relationship between the two by adding the following code to my form:


<select class=”form-control” name=”shirtgender” id=”shirtgender”>

What’s happening here is the form is looking for tags. I’ve associated my products with the following tags:

  • SkipTheDriveThru
  • DoorDash

Shopping For The User’s Selection

Now that I’ve set up the form, I need to customize the email content to fit the customer’s selection. Say the user selects DoorDash from the dropdown list. In that case, I’ll want to show them discounts on delivery fees. So I’ll send an email like this:

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