How to Take on a Fanatical Fan of the New England Patriots

It’s hard to believe that the New England Patriots are already in the thick of the post-season. They may not have clinched a playoff spot yet, but it’s looking more and more like they will. Already, the team has won 12 games this year, which is tied for the second-most wins in the NFL. The Pats also boast the best point differential in the league, +124, which is a testament to their incredible depth on both sides of the ball. Their only losses came against the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Minnesota Vikings. These two teams seem to pop up a lot in the NFL this year, as nine of their 12 losses came by two or fewer points. Hopefully, the Patriots fans out there will keep their eyes open and alert, as the team is playing a very interesting series of games heading into the playoffs.

The Chase Is On

Whether you’re a diehard New England fan or not, this year has been an incredible ride. The team began the season under the radar, but have slowly risen up the ranks and become one of the most popular teams in all of sports. Now that the playoffs have started, it’s time for the Patriots to prove they are the best team in the NFL and that their time has come. In three weeks, they will host the Tennessee Titans in Foxboro in the Divisional Round. This is a huge game, as the Patriots will have to go on the road and play in a hostile environment for the first time in 2019. However, with Brady and Belichick at the helm and their incredible depth, it’s hard for anyone to doubt them.

Focus On The Game

One of the things that made Brady and the Patriots so successful this year was their ability to focus on the game. They were able to block out all the negativity surrounding them and were able to tune out the noise. Instead, they were able to tune in to the task at hand, which was to focus on what their coaches and scouts told them were their weaknesses and to work on fixing them. This allowed them to get back to the basics and play at a high level. If you’re ever fortunate enough to watch a New England Patriots game, you’ll notice that they rarely ever look at their phone or let any sort of distraction get in the way of them playing at their best. They will lock eyes with you and your mind will be on full display as they work their magic. Hopefully, this trend continues into the postseason and they are able to keep their focus until they take on the Tennessee Titans in three weeks. This will be one for the ages. Fans of the New England Patriots will have an opportunity to watch history in the making. It’s about time that the team gets some recognition for all their hard work. They’ve been performing at an elite level for years, so it’s about time that the rest of the league recognizes this and gives them some post-season love. Be sure to tune in and support your Patriots, as they are playing for more than just themselves this year. This is another chance to make a statement and show the rest of the NFL who’s boss. It’s time to put up or shut up, and these players are finally willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

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