How to Get the Best Look with Square’s New Square Image Plugin

With the release of Square’s New Square Image Plugin, the bar is now raised for wedding album design. The new release includes plenty of features that make design and printing a wedding album easier than ever before. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what is new with Square’s Image Plugin and how you can take advantage of these features to create the album of your dreams.

What Is New With Square’s New Square Image Plugin?

If you’ve been following the wedding photography and album design industry for any length of time, you’ll know that square is always a step ahead of the competition when it comes to new product launches and feature enhancements. It seems like every year, they come out with a new product that makes the entire process of wedding photography and album design simpler, more enjoyable, and more innovative. This year was no different as the team at square came out with not one but two major product updates that significantly improve the user experience in their industry.

New Square Two-in-One

First up is New Square Two-in-One, a combination of the best of square’s two apps, My Wedding and Album. These apps allow you to design your wedding album and order your prints online all in one place. It’s akin to Amazon’s combined model for online shopping and product delivery. You can’t beat not having to go from website to website to complete your purchase.

The benefit of New Square Two-in-One is that it makes the entire process of wedding album design less overwhelming. You can start by adding your ceremony and reception venues in the app. Then, you can start editing your wedding photos to add to the album. While you’re at it, you can even add captions to individual photos to make the entire album more personal. When you’re done, you can either send the album to print or keep it as a digital copy for yourself.

The beauty of square’s two-in-one app is that now, when you’re finished, you can simply go back and forth between the apps to either send your album to print or keep working on it. This feature makes it really easy to design and send a wedding album whenever you want. Even if you’re not a professional designer, you can use the provided templates to get started and then add your own handwritten captions and details to the album’s pages. The only limit is your imagination. With these templates, you can’t go wrong.

The Best of Both Worlds With Square’s New Square Photo Album

If you love the sleek and modern look of a high-quality digi-album but want to have the added advantage of a professional design, you can opt for Square’s New Square Photo Album. This product update introduces a new premium finish that makes the album design appear even more luxurious when printed. The new design also comes in a choice of light or dark gray, which adds a touch of color to the already attractive look of this product.

The biggest difference between this product and the previous version is that this one comes with a leather cover that protects your album and its inner pages from getting damaged during transit. Additionally, the product now features gold-toned edges that contrast beautifully with the organic unbleached kraft covers used in the past. These features make the New Square Photo Album stand out above the rest and ensure that you’ll be pleased with the overall look and feel of the product regardless of whether you’re sending it for personal use or for an upscale corporate event.

What Features In Square’s New Square Image Plugin Are Important?

While it’s always nice when a company develops a product with additional features that make it easier to use and more innovative, in the case of square’s New Square Image Plugin, one feature in particular stands out.

First, the good news: the release of Square’s New Square Image Plugin finally brings together the best of My Wedding and Album into one app. Now, the bad news: My Wedding and Album are the best when it comes to functional and design aspects, but the interface between the two is extremely clunky. The problem is that the apps were built on top of very different interfaces and stylings, which made it really challenging to combine the two. Once you get used to the fact that My Wedding and Album are now one app, you’ll see the benefit of this unification.

What is important to note about square’s new square image plugin is that it includes a feature that will help you create the best wedding album possible. This feature is called Smart Album. The idea behind Smart Album is to make it easier for you to design your wedding album, regardless of whether you’re a pro or an amateur. You can download the free trial version of Square’s Image Plugin to get started.

With Smart Album, you can import your ceremony and reception venues, along with the wedding photos you took during the event, all from your phone. This makes the entire process of designing your album simpler and faster. You can then share your album design with guests through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

There is also a premium version of Square’s Image Plugin that includes all the features in the free app, as well as advanced features such as animated GIFs and video loops. This version is ideal for high-end weddings that require a more formal layout and design.

How Does Smart Album Work?

Once you’ve downloaded the free version of Square’s Image Plugin, you’ll see a set of menus at the top of the app. From here, you can choose to either create a new album or go back and review existing albums. Once you’ve created a new album, you can begin adding your venues and photos to it. You can either search for locations on a map or add them manually by keying in information such as the address and website.

From the moment you key in all the necessary information, you’ll see places pop up on a map below. To add more places, just tap on the map to see additional locations.

Once you’ve entered all the necessary information, you can begin adding photos to your album. These photos can either be from your phone or from online sources. If you don’t have any photos on your phone, this is where you can access the Square community of wedding photographers to access their archives.

To add more photos to your album, simply tap on the photos you want to see and then add them by tapping the plus button below the image. You can then either delete photos you don’t want to include or rearrange them in the order you’d like.

Why Should You Use Square’s New Square Image Plugin?

It’s always nice when a company develops a tool that makes our job as wedding photographers easier. As wedding photographers, we always want to offer our clients the best experience possible, which often means spending more time documenting their big day rather than standing over them yelling at them to stop taking photos. The good thing about Square’s New Square Image Plugin is that it makes the entire process of documenting a wedding less stressful. No more tedious Photoshop tasks to get a cohesive look from a chaotic event. Designing a wedding album is now a fun task that can be enjoyed by both the bride and the guest. While we’re at it, let’s talk prices…

Wedding Album Design Prices

You’ll want to make sure that you factor in the cost of printing your album when you’re calculating the total cost of the wedding. Luckily, there are several places online where you can get a good deal from. For example, if you’re looking to have a hardcover book with glossy paper, you can get a great price from a printer’s shop in Singapore. The same goes for a luxury vinyl album. Don’t expect to get the cheapest price when ordering a custom digi-album from a factory in China. There’s a reason why these shops exist. The cost of printing an album isn’t something to scoff at. It can easily add up to several hundred dollars, especially if you want high-end paper and binders. Don’t expect to find these anywhere near your local Walmart. There’s also the factor of the shipping fee. This will vary depending on where you’re located and what’s the weight of the album, but it’s definitely worth it.

It’s always good when a company continues adding value to their product over time. Square’s ongoing quest to make their product as versatile and useful as possible is what makes this product special. They constantly improve their app, adding new features and functions that make the entire process of creating and enjoying an album less stressful. This is a company you’ll want to keep an eye on as they continue developing new products.

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