How to Block Someone From Receiving Your Follow Ups in AWeber

AWeber is a popular email marketing platform that makes it easy to connect with customers. With over 500 million active monthly users, it’s the place to be. It also has a standalone mobile app that allows you to take your marketing on the go.

If you’re using AWeber, you’ll notice that you can send out automated emails to inform customers of your product offerings or upcoming events. While this might be helpful for marketing purposes, you might not want to send these out to everyone. Especially if you’ve got a lot of people in your email list. This could result in a huge flood of emails coming in that can clutter up your inbox.

What you can do is edit the email templates that AWeber provides and remove the recipients from receiving your follow-up emails. This will not only cut down on your email load but it will also ensure that your emails get delivered to the right audience.

Why Shouldn’t I Want My Follow Ups to be Seen by Everyone?

The first and most obvious reason is that you might want to keep your emails confidential. If you’re doing business with a small company or brand, they might appreciate not having their email spammed with a marketing message. Especially if you’ve got a lot of them. Some companies will even pay you directly for your emails.

Even if you don’t do business with them, you might want to keep your emails to yourself. Maybe you’re just trying to establish your own personal brand or find new customers for your own business. You don’t want anyone else knocking on your door for business either.

Some groups of people might find your emails annoying too. If you’re sending out a lot of them, you might get a lot of negative feedback. Especially from the people on your email list who already get too much mail. They’ll probably complain that your emails are spam or that you’re not interesting enough to deserve their attention.

How Do I Stop Someone From Receiving My Follow Ups in AWeber?

If you really don’t want to send your follow-ups to some people, you can simply go into your Settings and block them. This will not only stop people from receiving your emails but it will also prevent them from seeing your tweets either. If you’ve got a Twitter account connected to your email group, you can block people from seeing your tweets too.

To do this, go into your Settings and click on Blocked Emails.

From here, you can select the individuals or the type of emails you don’t want to send. You can then unblock selected people whenever you want by clicking on the Unblock button. You can also set up filters to automatically reject emails from certain senders.

Who Should My Emails Be Sent To?

If you’ve got a business that you don’t want to broadcast to the public, you can use email marketing to reach a smaller audience. You can also use this method to send out invitations to events or promotions that you’re doing with your friends or colleagues. For instance, if you’re organizing a wine tasting party with your colleagues, you can use AWeber to send out the invitations. They’ll appreciate not having their junk mail cluttering up their inboxes.

Another option is to create different mail lists for different types of content. You can have a list for customers, a list for people you meet at networking events, and so on. This makes it easy to send messages that are relevant to the person you’re emailing. They’ll appreciate not getting random emails from a brand or business they don’t know.

If you’re looking to do some email marketing, AWeber is an extremely versatile tool that lets you reach the right audience. This is what makes it so popular. Not to mention that it’s free.

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