How to Create an Amazing Transparent Optin Form Background

Creating a pop up optin form that doesn’t look like every other form out there is a tall order. You want to make sure that your visitors know that this is an optin form and that they’re going to get some value out of it. Naturally, you don’t want to make them uncomfortable by constantly appearing in the way, so you need to utilize the full page to your advantage. To do this, you need to ensure that there’s sufficient white space around the form and that your CTAs are easy to spot. Furthermore, you want to avoid any distractions from drawing attention away from the form, so ensure that your branding is featured prominently throughout the page. With these tips in mind, you’ll be on your way to creating an amazing transparent optin form background that doesn’t compromise on readability in any way.

An Attention-Getting Header

One of the first things a visitor will see is your header, so it’s important that it grabs their attention. This is where you engage with the visitor and induce them to enter your subscription form. Depending on your pop up optin form’s design, you can play around with the text to fit perfectly with your design. You might also choose to include a graphic or two to further promote your product. In the same way that a great movie poster will make or break a film, your header is an important part of your optin form’s design and it will affect your conversion rate. You want to avoid using a boring or stock-looking header, so find a design that’s going to catch the eye.

Keep It Simple

The simplicity of your optin form’s design is important in terms of creating a clear visual hierarchy. When a customer is scrolling through a form, the last thing they want to do is look for complicated ways to navigate it. Keep things simple by using familiar navigational buttons, keeping all the fields required to the absolute minimum and utilizing visual cues (like colors and icons) to indicate what’s required and what’s optional.

Create Multi-Purpose Space

The space around your form is another important part of its design, as it sets the mood and tone of your entire site. You want to create a clean canvas for your visitors to rest their eyes on, so take time to design an area that’s going to serve many functions. Depending on the look and feel of your site, you can choose from a wide variety of colors to accentuate the form’s elements. Furthermore, you can use the space to promote other parts of your site by including links to other pages or you could even place a search box to direct visitors to the exact part of your site they’re looking for.

Feature Large Typography

Bold, shiny type is vital in getting your point across. Luckily, there’s plenty of room on your pop up optin form to feature large type. For best results, create a large headline that’s accompanied by a smaller paragraph below it. The rule of thumb is to always use the largest font possible without making it look like you’re shouting, since too much text can sometimes get a little overwhelming. Feature large letters without going over the edge of the form, so that your visitors can still comfortably read the text.

Minimalism Is The Key

Familiarize yourself with the minimalist trend and find inspiration in that. You don’t need to have a massive background behind your optin form to achieve optimal results. Instead, keep things simple and sleek by keeping the design minimal. You can even choose to forgo the background altogether and go for a simple white form with no distractions. Minimalism helps your visitors focus on your content and not get lost in the design details.

Consult With Experts

An optin form submitted through a well designed website is much more valuable to a business than one that’s not. That’s why it’s important to seek out the help of experts in order to create something that not only looks good but will be effective too. Even if you have the best intentions, you might not know exactly what a user wants until you ask them. This is why it’s important to run a usability test with real people before you launch.

Use The Border As An Element

You can use the border around your pop up optin form as a way of getting information across. This is especially effective if you need to indicate that there’s more content coming. For example, if you have an interesting blog post that you want to draw attention to, you could put a strip of tape across the screen to indicate that there’s more to come. You could also choose to put a border around your form with content overlapping into it so that it’s not just a line on a white background. A border can be a great way to draw attention to something interesting that you have on the site.

Keep An Eye On The Budget

Every business is looking for ways to cut costs these days, and that includes paying for web hosting. Since you’re on a limited budget, you need to create a form that doesn’t cost a lot to maintain. Some of the ways you can do this is by using a free web host or one that’s shared between multiple sites. Using a free service is great because it means you won’t have to pay for individual web hosting accounts, which can get rather expensive. A good hosting provider will also give you a free domain (like and email addresses (like, so you can use these as your own.

The point is to find a service that’s going to be effective for your needs and has the look and feel you desire. Once you’ve found a good fit, simply install the WordPress software and you’ll be able to start building your website. From there, it’s just a matter of optimizing your content and getting the word out about your business.

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