How to Use AWeber Videos in Your Marketing

Ever wonder what sets successful businesses apart from those organizations that struggle year after year?

What do buyers see that makes them decide to buy from you instead of another business?

What about customers in general, what do you do that makes them engage with your brand and keep coming back for more?

What are the secrets to creating a memorable brand experience that encourages people to buy from you and become engaged with your company?

You’re in luck because you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll tell you exactly what you need to know about using videos in your marketing and how to use AWeber to make it easy. Let’s get started.

Videos In Your Marketing

It’s no secret that people love watching videos. Thanks to tools like YouTube, which is one of the largest video-sharing platforms, it’s easy to find the perfect video for any marketing purpose.

Let’s face it, videos are an effective tool in getting your point across. Whether you want to explain the ins and outs of your company, provide product demos, or show how a particular product or service works, videos can help.

The trend of using videos in marketing is undeniable. Whether you watch videos on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, chances are you’ve seen at least one before.

According to HubSpot Blogs research, videos account for almost 40% of all consumer-facing content on social media.”

Why Should You Use Videos In Your Marketing Strategy?

It’s simple. Videos allow you to connect with your audience in a more personal way. People are much more likely to connect with someone (or something) they identify with. Video allows you to showcase who you are and what you offer in a more human and relatable way.

If you want to rank your website in the search engines, having video content is a great way to do it. Videos allow you to attach keywords and descriptions to each video so that you can accurately represent what the video is about in the search results.

How Do You Use Videos In Your Marketing?

As we mentioned above, videos are used across the board in modern marketing. From product demos, to explaining the ins and outs of a company, to displaying lifestyle and how-to guides, videos can be used in almost every corner of a marketing plan. Here are a few examples of how you can use videos in your marketing plan:

Product Demos

It is well established that the best way to convince people to buy your product is by demonstrating how it works in practice. While there is no substitute for in-person interaction when it comes to selling products, videos can provide a cheap, yet effective alternative. 

If you’re trying to sell a house, real estate videos can help to explain the ins and outs of the process from the perspective of an experienced realtor. Or if you’re marketing a car, you can use a car dealer’s video to show the features and benefits of a particular model.

Lifestyle And How-To Videos

You know what they say, the way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is through his (or her) stomach. People love to learn something new, and if you can teach them something new about your product or service, you can gain a significant advantage.

Lifestyle videos can show you eating healthy, exercising, or grooming your body in a way that is appealing to the average consumer. Additionally, if you are a business that sells supplies for cleaning houses, you can demonstrate how to use your products effectively by showing home cleaning videos.

How-To Guides

Whether you’re an experienced businessperson looking to step up your game or a complete newbie just starting out, how-to videos will be a great way to learn something new. People love to learn how to do something new or how to do things better, and it’s a great way to capture someone’s attention.

If you’re trying to teach your audience how to properly take care of their bodies, exercise, or eat healthy, you can use an instructional video to walk your audience through the steps required to perform the behavior you’re trying to promote.

Viral Marketing

Finally, if you are fortunate enough to have a wildly successful marketing video, you can enjoy the benefits of viral marketing. Viral marketing happens when the audience shares the video with their connections, which boosts the viewing figures and opens up more opportunities for your brand.

Viral marketing is most effective when the video speaks to a universal truth, and has the ability to make the viewer think differently about a particular subject matter or issue. For example, if you are a fitness brand and you have a video explaining the importance of eating healthy to maintain a fit body, you can harness the power of viral marketing to teach people about the health benefits of fruits and vegetables.

The videos don’t even have to be related to your business. As long as you have something to offer that is valuable and interesting, people will love to share it with their friends and family.

Viral marketing is one of the greatest advantages of online marketing. It’s easy to get started, and you can have your video up and running within hours. Plus, with the right tool, you can track the individual videos that are doing the most to spread your message. You’ll see this metric called “frictionless sharing,” which indicates how effectively your video is connecting with your audience and encouraging them to share it with their connections. You can then use this information to determine which videos to promote in the future.

Viral Marketing For Fun

If you’ve ever used TikTok, you’ll know that it’s a great way to have some fun while also getting your brand in front of a potentially huge audience. If you’re looking for ways to have some fun and engagement with your audience, you can use TikTok to host a trivia game or show where users can compete against each other for fame, fortune, and, of course, cool prizes.

TikTok is one of the biggest platforms for short-form video content, defined as videos under three minutes. Because so much of the content is quick and snappy, it’s a great place for entrepreneurs and marketers to gain quick wins.

The Importance Of Video Conversion

Even before you begin your video marketing campaign, you can start preparing for success by getting to know your target audience and their preferences. After all, videos are only as good as your viewers’ experience. So, it’s key to ensure that each video brings in the desired results.

According to HubSpot Blogs research, video consumers prefer shorter videos (those under three minutes), frequent updates, and relevant content.

Based on this, you can determine each video’s ideal length. For instance, if you’re trying to sell a product and the best way to convince people to buy is through a short video demonstrating its features, your video’s ideal length should be under three minutes. Or if you’re trying to teach your audience about a new product or service, a short tutorial video is the perfect fit. On the flip side, if you want to show how a particular product or service works, a longer video may be the better choice.

Aweber Vs. Other Video-sharing Platforms

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for setting up your marketing video content, we recommend checking out Aweber. With Aweber, you can not only create and send out mass emails but you can also integrate your social media accounts and use video content to generate more leads and sales.

Other platforms, such as TikTok and YouTube, are perfect for creating and posting short-form videos, but if you’re looking to create long-form videos (those longer than three minutes) they can be a little more difficult to use efficiently. As a general rule, shorter is better when it comes to video. It saves you time and allows you to post more frequently. If you’re looking to create high-quality videos, consider the size of your target audience before making any decisions.

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