When is the Best Time to Send E-Commerce Marketing Emails?

If you’re looking to grow your email list, you’re in the right place! We’ll teach you the best times to send e-commerce marketing emails so you can grow a massive list that makes money for you.

Thanks to the new coronavirus, the world has been changed. Although social distancing is one of the best tricks to follow to stay healthy, it also means changes to your daily schedule. The best time to send marketing emails will change as a result of the pandemic. In this article, we’ll tell you when you should and shouldn’t send e-commerce marketing emails.

When Should You Be Sending E-Commerce Marketing Emails?

E-commerce marketing emails are great for growing your email list and making money from your affiliate sales. But you need to understand when to send them so you don’t waste your efforts. The best time to send e-commerce marketing emails is when you’ve got lots of prospective buyers lined up to make purchases. So how can you get them to click?

By using a tool like GetResponse, you can set up automated e-commerce marketing emails that will reach prospective buyers at the right time. With GetResponse, you can do everything from design the emails to write the copy to schedule them to send at the right time. You can even add tracking codes so you can see what’s working and what needs to be adjusted.

  • Tracking codes help you see which emails are getting opened and which ones are being ignored so you can adjust your strategy and improve effectiveness.
  • You can send out several different campaigns at once. So if you’ve got a new product you want to promote, you can set up a new campaign and start emailing your list.
  • Setting up a newsletter to send out a weekly recap of the best deals is a great way to engage with your audience.
  • Choose your distribution channels wisely. Make sure you’re hitting all the major social media platforms and that your emails are looking sharp enough to catch attention.
  • Having a mix of both paid and organic traffic is the best way to ensure you’re reaching your audience. Using tools like Google Analytics to track the sources of your traffic will help you determine where your target audience is coming from and allow you to choose the right distribution channel for the types of content you’re creating.

When Shouldn’t You Be Sending E-Commerce Marketing Emails?

Although you’ll make money from e-commerce marketing emails, it’s important to understand when not to send them. Just because your product or service is online doesn’t mean your audience will respond positively to promotional emails. Some brands have gotten in trouble for sending too many promotional emails.

For instance, if you’re an e-commerce business that sells kids’ clothing, you might want to avoid sending out any emails with the word “sale” in the subject line. That’s because your audience might think that you’re trying to sell them something. Instead, you can use the “coming soon” or the “new product” to indicate to your audience that you’re just giving them updates on a new line of clothing.

Another thing you should avoid is sending emails too frequently. It’s easy for your audience to become desensitized to your emails if you’re sending out a lot of promotional emails. So instead of sending out a weekly or bi-weekly email, consider sending out an occasional newsletter or email series that will keep your audience engaged.

Now, suppose you’re a makeup artist who wants to grow her business. You can use email marketing to promote your services and sell your products. But if you’re sending out a lot of emails, many of which are similar in content, your audience will think you’re simply spamming them. And since most people are avoiding spam as much as possible, it’s easy for you to lose potential customers.

To avoid this, make sure you vary the content of your emails. While it might be tempting to copy/paste an email you’d sent out a month ago, you should always try and find new ways to engage with your audience. So instead of sending out a monthly recap of your services, consider sending out a weekly tip on how to become the best makeup artist possible. Or, if you have new products you want to promote, consider sending out an email with detailed information about the product along with a coupon code or two for your audience to use.

When it comes to e-commerce marketing emails, it’s important to test different times to determine the best ones to use. In general, you want to avoid sending out emails too close to the beginning of a new month as that is when your audience’s subscriptions start billing. So if you’re just starting out, try and find a period a few days or weeks after the last email you sent out. That will give you a good chance of getting an open rate of at least 20% (and ideally, you’ll get a click-through rate as well).

Also remember that your audience’s interests will change from month to month. If you’re sending out e-commerce marketing emails, you’ll want to keep up with the trends so you can choose the right products to promote. So instead of simply using your website’s URL in the subject line, consider using something like “[Brand] New York Mall: The Ultimate Winter Fashion Getaway” or “[Product] Reveals the Hottest Summer 2021 Trends” so you can keep your audience interested throughout the year.

Choosing the right products to promote is critical if you want to ensure you make money from e-commerce. For example, if you sell women’s clothes, but you want to promote a children’s clothing line, you might want to avoid using the word “woman” or “womans” in your subject line so your audience doesn’t get confused. Instead, try using the word “kids” or “toddlers” so it’s clear what type of product you’re promoting. And if you really want to ensure your audience understands what you’re talking about, consider using a subject line that matches the product (such as “Adorable Babygrowths” for baby wear or “Sexy Summer 2021 Swimsuits” for women’s swimwear).

By testing different times to see which ones work best for you, you can determine the best times to send e-commerce marketing emails that will help you make the most of your efforts. If you want to grow your email list and make money from your affiliate sales, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll teach you the best times to send e-commerce marketing emails so you can grow a massive list that makes money for you.

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