How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Campaign

The function of an email marketing campaign is to send out emails to people, encouraging them to do something – whether that’s buying a product, making a purchase, registering for a service, or just signing up to receive newsletters – and to do this repeatedly over time.

Choosing which email marketing campaign to run is a challenging process. You want to pick the one that’s going to be the most effective in converting traffic into leads, and growing your business. But it’s easy to fall into the trap of selecting the first email marketing campaign that comes up in a search engine. That might be the one that your competitors are using, and it could potentially be the exact campaign that leads to the biggest drop in ROI. The more you know about email marketing, the better you’ll be able to choose the right one for your needs.

Understand The Importance Of Personalisation

One of the keys to creating an effective email marketing campaign is to personalise the content as much as possible. With so much competition in today’s digital world, your email has to stand out among the masses. One way of doing this is by using data to provide an even better customer experience – a tactic known as individualisation.

If you use A/B testing or multivariate testing with Google Ads, you can see which versions of a newsletter attract the most interest from your target audience. You can then create a separate email marketing campaign for each variation, and see which one performs the best. That way, you’ll be able to choose the best email marketing campaign for your business.

In addition to this, you can use email marketing to send out automated emails – known as drip marketing – to nurture leads into customers. The advantage of automated emails is that they allow you to scale up your marketing efforts easily. For example, if you have a marketing campaign that sends out a monthly newsletter, but you only have four email lists to send it to, you could create a one-off automated email, targeted at those four lists, and send it out. There’s no need to run a separate campaign for each list.

Consider All The Stakeholders In Your Decision-making Process

When you’re choosing the best email marketing campaign, it’s important to consider all the stakeholders involved. This includes: the sender/marketer; the content; the recipient(s)/consumer; and the platform/tool used to deliver the content. The more you know about each of these elements, the better you’ll be able to make a decision, and choose the right email marketing campaign for your business.

Understand The Four Layers Of A Marketing Mix

The four layers of a marketing mix are usually discussed in marketing books, and in the context of a marketing plan. However, if you want to choose the best email marketing campaign, you must understand these layers, and how they all work together.

The first two layers are the strategy and the execution. The strategy layer refers to the creation of a marketing plan, and deciding what you’re going to do – whether that’s marketing, or PR, or content creation, or social media. The execution layer refers to the actual doing of the marketing activity, and implementing the plan.

The third layer is measurement. This layer measures the results of your efforts, and sees how all your strategy and execution measures up, in terms of bringing in revenue and leads, and turning them into paying customers and successful brands.

The last layer is evaluation. This is where you reassess, and refine your efforts, based on the results of your measurement activity. For example, if you found that a specific piece of content was the most effective way of reaching your target audience, and engaging with them, then you might decide to repurpose or re-create that content for future campaigns.

The first two layers should be a product of extensive research. You should have a clear idea of who your target audience is, and what they want. This is usually the result of customer behaviour analysis – looking at past purchases, and analysing digital footprints to get an idea of their personal preferences. In addition, you should have a clear idea of the competition, and what you’re doing differently to attract potential customers to your product or service.

How To Choose The Best Email Marketing Campaign: Step-by-step

Here’s how you can choose the best email marketing campaign, based on the above guidelines:

1. Identify the problem. Having a clear idea of what’s gone wrong in the past is a vital part of identifying the root cause of a marketing issue. You can use a SWOT Analysis to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (also known as the 4 Ms) of your business, as it currently stands. This will give you a clear idea of whatyou’re dealing with, and how you can improve. For example, if you find that you’re not attracting new customers, despite having an awesome product and a brilliant strategy, then you know there’s something wrong with your marketing effort, and you’ll want to fix it.

2. Make A Plan. Once you’ve established the problem, you can begin to design a plan to fix it. Having a clearly defined plan, with a step-by-step process, will ensure that you’re able to follow through on your decision, and achieve the results you want. For example, if your plan is to run a content marketing campaign, and you know that SEO and PPC are both important parts of a digital marketing mix, but you don’t yet know which one to prioritise, then you could run a test, to see which performs better for you, based on the data that you have.

3. Measure The Results. After you’ve deployed your plan, you can begin to measure the results of your efforts. This is where the entire marketing process comes together, and the results of all your strategy and execution. One of the best tools for measuring the success of a marketing campaign, is a SWOT Analysis – looking at both your strengths and weaknesses, as well as reviewing the opportunities and threats that you currently face.

4. Re-adjust. After you’ve measured the results of your plan, you can begin to re-adjust. This is where you take into account the results of your measurement activity, and make slight changes to your plan, based on what you’ve learned. For example, if you found that a content marketing effort was the most effective way of attracting new customers to your product, and engaging with them, then you might decide to pivot to that method, and create more content, around that theme, for future campaigns.

Hopefully, this article has helped you to understand how to choose the best email marketing campaign. Keep reading for some excellent resources, that can help you to choose the perfect plan for your business.

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