How to Compare Email Marketing Providers

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing because it’s one of the most convenient and accessible forms of communication. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, it’s now possible to reach almost everyone with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The proliferation of email marketing platforms means that it’s now possible to compare and choose the best one for your needs. In this article, we’ll discuss how to do that.

The Benefits Of Email Marketing

Just like any other form of marketing, there are plenty of benefits to email marketing. Here are just a few examples:

  • It’s cheap.
  • It’s incredibly powerful.
  • It has the ability to attract and retain customers.
  • It’s easy to measure.
  • It works.
  • It’s completely free.
  • Your competitors aren’t doing it, which makes it a relatively safe bet.
  • You can send messages to lots of people at once, which makes it easy to cross-promote.
  • You can get a high delivery rate because almost everyone has an email address.

The Differences In Email Marketing Providers

The differences between email marketing providers can be subtle or wide-ranging, depending on which part of the market you’re looking at.

Here are some examples:

  • Professional email marketing providers will often give you a free trial use, so you can see how their services work in practice.
  • Some providers are more technologically advanced than others, which can make a massive difference in your daily working life. For example, do you like using templates or do you prefer to build every email from the ground up?
  • Some providers are more expensive than others, depending on the volume of email you need to send. Is cost a factor for your business?
  • Do you need help with delivery or setup? Some providers offer a one-stop-shop for all of your email marketing needs, while others prefer to have in-house experts who can setup and manage your campaigns for you. Which is better for your business?
  • How much support do you need? Do you need someone on-hand to help you every step of the way or do you prefer to handle things yourself?

Which Type Of Email Marketing Provider Is Best Suited For Your Business?

In choosing an email marketing provider, it’s important to decide on what you need. Do you need a simple and quick-to-use tool that you can get up and running quickly? Do you need a more advanced tool that enables you to create and send beautiful newsletters?

If you’re just getting started, consider looking at the freemium model, where you can use the basic version of the software for free and then upgrade to a paid version that offers additional features. With a freemium model, you’re not locked in to any sort of contract and you can always take your business elsewhere if you find a better deal.

However, if you already have a CMS (content management system) installed on your website and you want to use email marketing to extend the functionality of your site, you might want to consider an email marketing platform that’s completely integrated with your existing software, enabling you to create and send beautiful newsletters quickly and effortlessly. If this is the case, then you should probably go with a paid version of the software, as you won’t be able to use the premium features otherwise.

If you have a clear idea of what you need and you compare that to the tools available, you’re much more likely to make the right choice. When evaluating different email marketing providers, make sure to focus on the functionality of each product and how easy they are to use, rather than just the marketing hype designed to lure you in.

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