How to Create a Great Squeeze Page with AWeber

If you’re looking for a simple yet highly effective way to grow your email list, look no further. We’re going to teach you the exact step by step process that we use to grow our affiliate partner’s email list by 500% within just nine months. So let’s get started.

Set Up AWeber

You’re probably already familiar with AWeber. If you’re not, then you should probably take a quick look at their website to get an idea of what they offer. In case you’re curious, the product is actually called AWeber, and it’s a popular affiliate marketing tool. You’ll also need to purchase the software to utilize their services.

Create An Offer

The first step in getting ready to launch your squeeze page is to create an offer. This is a crucial step, because without an offer, you’ll have a hard time convincing people to purchase your product or service. An offer is essentially what you’re going to tell someone, and it serves as a form of persuasion. You’re trying to convince someone to buy your product or service, and you’re doing so by using marketing principles such as relative advantage, trust, and credibility. So what is this particular offer you’re going to make? Well, let’s see…

You’re going to offer a free trial of your product or service, right? But not just any free trial. You’re going to offer a free trial that is going to be worth their time. Therefore, you need to consider what makes your product or service special, and then use that to your advantage. For example, let’s say that you’re working with a free tool that helps people create their own custom blogs. People can get frustrated with technology and computers, so you’re going to make sure that they’re going to get value out of your free trial. You’re going to tell them that every week they have to do something different to get the most out of it. For example, if they want to see how it works, then they need to enter their email address and get started. But if they want to see what it can do, then they need to click a button and get access to a demo.

This is just one example of what makes up an offer. You need to look at what you’re providing and think of ways that it can be useful to your target audience. But again, keep in mind that you’re looking to grow your email list, so the better your offer, the better.

Create A ‘Get Started’ Page

Once you have an offer, the next step is to create a ‘get started’ page. This is essentially a page that gives the user the information they need to get started with your offer. Essentially, you’re creating an impromptu pre-sales page. What should this page contain?

The most important thing is for it to contain information that the user needs. So rather than just giving them a pitch, you’re giving them everything they need to make a decision. As a general rule of thumb, make sure that every piece of information on this page is relevant to the user’s experience. In addition to that, you want to make sure that everything is as easy to find as possible. If the user is searching for something, but doesn’t know what it is, then your job as the marketer is to tell them.

Here’s an example of a typical get started page:

  • An introduction to the product or service.
  • Key benefits
  • Key features
  • Pricing
  • Shipping and returns policy
  • FAQs

The better your offer, the better your get started page. Everything in this page is meant to pull the trigger and get the customer to subscribe. So make sure that you’re using language that the average user will understand, and remove any confusing pieces of jargon.

Make Sure That Everything Is In Order

It’s important to make sure that you’re following the proper sequence when creating your squeeze page. This means that you should create a template, and then fill it in with the appropriate content.

When you’re writing your content, you need to consider what comes first, and what comes later. There are three basic guidelines you need to follow:

  • The proposition — In order to convince the reader to buy your product or service, you need to state what the problem is and propose a solution. In our example above, we’re looking to grow our email list, so we’re going to state the problem and propose the solution. In sales, this is called the proposition.
  • Benefits — These are the advantages (or features) that your product or service provides. Again, in our example, we’re marketing a tool that helps people create blogs, so we’ll list the benefits of that particular tool. Broadly speaking, you’re trying to convince people that your product or service is the best at solving a certain problem, and that it’s worth their time and money. In our case, we’re saying that the tool is the best because it enables users to create a blog quickly and easily.
  • Comparison Table — This is a comparison table that compares your product or service to your competitors. In our example, we’re marketing a tool that assists people with blogging, so we’ll put comparisons to other blogging tools.

Make SURE That Everything Is Unique And High-quality

When you’re marketing your product or service, there’s a good chance that you’ll come across competitors who are also trying to market the same product or service. This is where duplicate content comes in. Make sure that you don’t have any duplicates on your page. For example, if you wrote a blog post about why mobile apps are growing, and then another company writes a similar article, then you’re going to run into trouble. Your page may end up looking like spam, and you’ll lose all of your hard-earned followers. So always make sure that your content is unique and of a good standard. A quick way to find duplicate content and kill off your competition is to use a free tool like BuzzSumo. Simply enter your competition’s URL and you’ll see all of their articles, along with the social media platforms they’re on.

Launch Your Squeeze Page

When you’ve got everything in order and you’re ready to launch your squeeze page, the last step is to simply submit it to the Google AdWords editor. This is going to publish the page to your site. If everything goes well, then you’ll see a green banner at the top of your page, and you’re good to go.

Here’s the thing about AWeber. We could have launched this page a long time ago, but we were taking our time getting everything in order. We had to create an offer, build a squeeze page, and then wait for it to grow. Now that we’re done, it’s time to hit the publish button, and low and behold, it worked. We now have a functioning web page that’s bringing in the leads. So if you’re looking to create a similar page, then use this as a blueprint—make sure to copy and paste everything.

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