How to Create an Encoded Email Link for AWeber

AWeber is one of the most popular email marketing platforms. Launched in 2006, it is now available in more than 200 countries. With just a few clicks, you can set up automated emails that will pop off to your subscribers as soon as they sign up. Plus, you can view detailed stats on who opened your emails, clicked on your links, and more.

Set Up Your Email Campaign

If you’re new to AWeber, the first thing you need to do is set up your email campaign. Choosing this platform means you’re committed to email marketing. To start, create a few simple campaigns: one to welcome new subscribers, and another to remind them of your service. Then, you can dive into more complex campaigns: to encourage them to make a purchase, or become a paying subscriber. You can also set up autoresponders to send out a series of timely emails to your audience depending on what they’ve subscribed to. You can set these up to trigger whenever you like (say, once a week).

Encoding and Shortening Links

Next, you need to encode and shorten your links. Whenever someone clicks on a link in your email, they will be redirected to your website or social media profile (if you have one). But sometimes, especially when using a service like Bluehost, this link will be 34 characters or less. When this is the case, the click-through rate (CTR) will take a hit. Plus, when people receive a lot of emails with short links, it can sometimes appear that you’re spamming because your links are indistinguishable from advertisements. One way to avoid this is to use longer, descriptive headlines for your headlines, and make sure you use a combination of both short and long links. This will make your content stand out among your competitors while still keeping your links relevant to your target audience.

Get To Know Your Audience

After you’ve set up your email campaign, you need to get to know your audience. What are they interested in? What do they care about? The more you know about your subscribers, the better you can tailor your messages to them. For example, you might want to send them content focused on their interests, or give them special offers or discounts for products that they’ve shown an interest in.

Understand What Works And What Doesn’t Work

You need to understand what works and what doesn’t work for you using the platform. Some elements require a bit of trial and error before you find what works best for you. For example, changing the styling of your emails can dramatically change their effectiveness. If you’re not sure how to change the appearance of your emails, check out the AWeber forums for ideas. Also, some elements of the platform, such as autoresponders, work better for some people than others. You’ll need to figure out what works best for you and your business.

Optimizing Your Content

Finally, you need to optimize your content. Just because you’ve set up automated emails doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in the effort to write engaging content that will make your subscribers want to open your emails. You may want to think about using some of the same tips when optimizing your blog posts for SEO: create unique, interesting content that will make your readers interested in your blog; don’t stuff your content with keywords; create engaging headings, subheadings, and body copy; and make sure you have enough of all three (headings, subheadings, and body copy) to keep your reader interested.

Hopefully, this post helped you understand why it’s important to have an optimized email link for AWeber. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us via the comments form or via email (

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