How To Easily Add Custom Fields to Email Inbox Builder

Inbox Builder is an email marketing software that helps you create and send engaging emails that help you grow your business. You can use it to create different campaigns for different purposes, track opens and clicks on every link and form within your email, and analyze the conversions of all your past campaigns. With Inbox Builder, you’ll never be at a loss for words again!

But sometimes, you might want to add a few extra fields to the form for your customers to provide more information. For example, you could ask for their mailing address or phone number, or if they’d like to receive special offers from you.

To add a field to your form, simply go to Settings > Forms and click the + sign to add a new field.

Here’s where you can find all the fields you’ve added:

  • Contact Details
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Mailing Preferences
  • Additional Options

You can leave the field’s name as it is or give it a new name (like “phone number”).

Voilà! Now you’ve got a few more options to guide your customer to complete their profile.

Did you know that you can use conditional logic with the Additional Options field to show only certain options to your customers based on their role in the transaction? For example, if they are a returning customer, you could show them special discounted offers. Or if they filled out the form before a certain date, you could show them promotional emails that will inspire them to make more purchases. You could even choose to auto-fill their shipping information based on their role in the transaction. The sky is the limit!

You can display a maximum of five options per field, and the best part is that you can change the order of the fields on the form any time you want! For example, you might want to put the address field first so that your customers can enter their mailing address easily. Or if you’ve got a lot of fields, you might want to put the additional options last so that your customers have to go through all the other fields to get to that bit.

You can sort your form’s fields in different ways, such as by name or by clicking the column header. You can choose to sort your fields chronologically or alphabetically.

For more information on how to use Inbox Builder, check out the Getting Started guide. Or, if you’d like to dive into the documentation further, the Manual is a good place to start.

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