How to Automate Your Dental Marketing Emails with Dental Autopilot

In a perfect world, you would only send out dental marketing emails once your patient has booked an appointment with you. However, the world is not perfect and sometimes you have to market your services to patients who are not yet aware of your practice. That is why you need to develop a dental marketing email list and why you should consider using a bulk emailing service.

What is Bulk Emailing?

Simply put, bulk emailing is using an email marketing service to send out a large number of messages to a list of subscribers. Most services will allow you to create and send out emails without much effort using their pre-made templates. What is important is developing a list of patients who will benefit from your services and the type of emails you want to send out. The more you put into the template, the better the results will be. It is also worth considering the size of your patient base and whether you want to focus on locals or attract patients from farther distances.

Creating a Mailing List

The first step in the automation process is to build a mailing list. You can do this by creating an email list on your website or through your social media accounts. Once you have an email list, you can start to send out regular emails to inform your patients of new services, offers, and events. You can use a service like dental autopilot to help with the process of creating and maintaining a mailing list.

Why Use a Mailing List?

A mailing list is an essential part of any email marketing campaign and it is very easy to use. Most email marketing services allow you to create and send out regular emails to your list of subscribers. This means you can keep everyone up-to-date with the state of your practice without having to check in with your patients frequently. If you choose to use a mailing list, you will also need to consider developing a strategy for how you will handle unsubscribe requests.

How To Automate Your Dental Marketing Emails With Dental Autopilot

Once you have a mailing list, you can use the service’s straightforward interface to send out regular emails. Simply log in, select your mailing list, and then start composing your email. You can add images, videos, and hyperlinks to make the email more interesting and engaging. Once you are finished, you can preview the email and then send it off to your list of subscribers.

What happens next depends on the email service you are using. Some of these services are free while others require a paid subscription. Some of them will email you when someone opens your email, clicks a link or responds to a specific point in the email. Others will simply keep track of the number of people who open your emails and the time of day, day, or week the emails were sent out.

If you are looking for a more robust solution and want to fully automate your email marketing campaign, you can try out HubSpot’s Take Control of Your Email marketing suite. The suite includes a robust email marketing tool, a landing page builder, and a CRM system. What’s more is that all three aspects work together to form a comprehensive digital marketing platform that can be used to grow your practice and meet your patients where they are, online.

The Pros And Cons Of Using A Dental Email Marketing Service

There are several pros and cons to using a dental email marketing service. The biggest con is that, as a solo dentist, you are putting too much effort into the process of marketing and not enough into your practice. The benefit of using a service is that you can outsource the heavy lifting involved in marketing and devote your time to providing better care for your patients.

Another con is that, as a solo dentist, you are not yet experienced in marketing and therefore you may not know how to properly use a service to its advantage. The advantage of using a service is that, with a little bit of training, you can become a proficient user who can build and grow your practice quickly with minimal effort.

Developing A Marketing Plan

While it is always good to have a plan A, plan B, and plan C, you should always have a plan D. Developing a marketing plan is an important part of any business whether it is dental or not. The reason is that, without a plan, you are likely to lose a lot of money and fail to achieve the results you are looking for. If you are looking to grow your practice, you should start by taking a hard look at your budget and what you can afford. It is also important to set a realistic goal for your marketing efforts and to measure the results of your plan. The American Dental Association recommends that dentists develop a 5+ year marketing plan and then update it at least once a year.

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