Do You Need a Website to Set Up an Email Marketing Account?

If you are looking to set up an email campaign for your business, the first thing you may ask is, “Do I need a website to do that?” The answer is, “It depends.” Setting up an email marketing account is not the same as sending out a few emails to your friends and family to see if they’ll click on a few links or take an interest in your product. You need to consider a few more things before you go live with a website.

Audience To Target

The first thing to consider is who you are targeting with this campaign. Are you sending the emails to someone you know will be interested in your product or service? If so, great! You can start off with a basic email template and use a tool like Growthoid to send out personalized emails to your target audience.

On the other hand, if you are targeting an audience you’ve never met, you’ll need to take a bit more time to find out what they want. You can use a tool like SurveyMonkey to put together a short survey to get the necessary info. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be technical to set up a survey — it’s very easy to use and won’t take you more than 15 minutes to set up.


Another thing to consider is what features you want to include in your website. Do you want to include lots of text or just put a few words in perspective? What template do you want to use — do you want a clean look or a graphic design that’s on the trendy side?

Make a list of all the features you need and then choose a theme that supports those features. If you don’t have the time to make a list of all the features and find a theme that supports them all, choose a theme that supports the features you need the most. You can also find a list of the most in-demand website builders and choose one that suits your needs.


How much are you willing to spend on your website? Just like with most things in life, there’s a cost associated with creating and running a website. The price will vary depending on what kind of hosting you choose (which is directly associated with the features you need), but it’s always going to be more expensive than just paying for a regular email account. You may also want to consider whether you need a custom domain or a subdomain for your site. Depending on your chosen hosting service, you may or may not be able to have a custom domain.

Time To Start And Maintain

Finally, you need to consider how much time you have to spend developing and maintaining your website. If you are looking for a nice, clean look with no frills, you may want to choose a free theme that supports all the features you need. However, if you are looking for a more flashy and interactive look, you may want to spend a little bit more money and time choosing a better theme.

When it comes to setting up an email marketing account, there are a few different ways you can go about it. Whether you are looking for an easy solution or a robust one, there’s something out there to suit your needs. You don’t need a website to set up an email marketing account — it just depends on what you are looking for.

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