Best Email Marketing for Beauty Professionals – What’s Your Favorite?

Beauty professionals are known for their dedication to skincare and lifestyle. As a result, they’re always on the lookout for new products and techniques which can help them to stay on top of their game. In order to stay in touch with their audience, they turn to email marketing. But which solution is best suited to their needs? We’ve decided to put several popular email marketing products to the test to see how each one stacks up against the rest.

Aweber Vs. Getresponse Vs. Mail chimp

It’s only fair to say that everyone’s got an opinion on which email marketing platform is the best. Naturally, we want to know what you guys think as well. So we’ve rounded up three of the most popular solutions to pit against each other in a head to head comparison. Let’s take a look at the results.

The Data

We’ll start with the basics: what data is available and what can you do with it. First off, you can get a free trial of all three services, Aweber, Getresponse, and Mail chimp. After you make the switch, you’ll have to log in to each platform separately to populate your lists, send emails, and track performance. You can choose to sync your contacts between the platforms, but once you do that you can’t go back. You’ll have to make the decision whether or not to keep them in the same format (namely Aweber) or if you want to adapt them for Getresponse and Mail chimp.


Aweber is the granddaddy of all the email marketing platforms. In fact, it was the first of its kind. Launched in 2001, it started as a simple and easy-to-use email marketing tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Over the years, the product grew to meet the demands of larger organizations with more complex needs.

One of the main features which sets Aweber apart from the competition is its automation. Using the tool, you can set up automated emails with pre-determined opening lines and messages. After that, you simply have to confirm the mailing once the email propagates to senders’ inboxes. You can also set up automated email campaigns to blast out content to your contacts at pre-determined intervals. Or you can utilize third-party services like Mail chimp to connect with like-minded businesses which already use Aweber.


Another oldie but a goodie! Launched in 2003, Getresponse is known for its sophisticated and engaging email marketing software. Its tagline is ‘Email marketing made simple’ and it really does offer a simple yet engaging user experience.

Getresponse prides itself on its innovative approach to email marketing. One of the main features of the product is its segmentation. You can target specific groups of users based on things like their location, gender, or interests. For example, if you’re trying to sell ski equipment to people in the snowboarder community, you can target them using interests. But you can’t force users to fill out their profiles unless you want to give Getresponse access to your entire contact list. So it’s best to use this feature selectively. You can also use the software to create personalized email campaigns. And the best part is that you can try out the service completely free for 14 days. After that, it’s only $5 per month. Not bad at all!

Mail chimp

Mail chimp is the queen of all the email marketing platforms. The tool was launched in 2002 and has since then grown to become the most popular email marketing tool used by over a million websites and businesses globally. Its tagline is ‘the simplest way to send email’ and that certainly holds true. All you have to do is set up a simple email and you can start receiving emails right away.

Another great thing about Mail chimp is its versatility. The platform allows you to do almost anything you could need with an email campaign. You can set up everything from a welcoming email, to the template and frequency of the emails. With the software, you can even set autoresponders so that emails are automatically sent out at pre-determined intervals. Or you can use it to manage your subscriber list and take advantage of its reporting features to track the performance of your mailing efforts.

The Verdict

So which one do you prefer? Aweber, Getresponse, or Mail chimp? We’ve got you covered.

Overall, we gave Aweber the nod over Getresponse because it proved to be the most stable of the three when it came to email sending. The software has also been around the longest and has the most feature-filled interface. It’s the tool that businesses and professionals alike have come to rely on when it comes to email marketing. But at the end of the day, it’s up to you which one works best for your needs. Or perhaps it’s a tie and you have a mix of Aweber and Mail chimp.

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