How to Make Email Marketing a Great Marketing Tool for Travel Agents

The purpose of this article is to tell you everything you need to know about using email marketing to promote your travel business. We’ll cover the basics such as how to build your email list, what kind of content to use, and much more.

Crafting a Great Subject Line

When crafting your subject line, keep in mind that you’ll be using this line in an email campaign to get people to open your emails. Therefore, you want to make sure that it’s as effective as possible. Here are some examples of great subject lines:

1. Tourism in Costa Rica

In this case, you are promoting a country and its tourism products. Your subject line should reflect this. For example, you could use the following subject line:

2. Visit Paris This Summer

You are basically promoting a place and its tourism products, but in this case, you are not targeting a specific country or region. Instead, you are appealing to the general public to visit Paris this summer. To make your subject line more effective, you could add a special offer or a limited time promotion.

3. Save 40% Off An Airline Ticket

Airline tickets can be quite expensive, especially if you’re paying from abroad. This is why you should always look for discounted tickets. If you are able to get 40% off, then that’s a great deal, right?

4. Book Your Accommodation In Advance

Accommodation is one of the most important parts of a travel agent’s job. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time there. To ensure that you get good value for your money, it’s important to book your accommodation in advance. This is especially important if you are planning on staying for a couple of days, as opposed to just popping in for the night. It’s also a good idea to look for deals that include breakfast whenever possible. This can add up quickly, so be mindful of how much you are spending each day while on the road.

5. Visit Croatia This Year

Another great way to promote a travel destination is by encouraging people to visit it. You can do this simply by sending out an email with the subject line, “Visit Croatia This Year.” What this does is it gives the reader incentive to click on the email. After all, it’s an invitation to visit a place they’ve never heard of. Just remember, the more personal or unique the subject line, the more likely it is that the reader will be motivated to open the email.

6. Learn French

Speaking of unique subject lines, how about we learn a new language? Most travel agents are certainly not experts in every area, and learning a new language or adding a skill to your toolkit can only be beneficial. To that end, you could use the following subject line to get people to learn French – and you could even promote a specific language course if you’d like:

7. Become A Travel Agent

What if I told you there was a way to make money online without having to become a human salesperson? You could use your phone or laptop to access the worldwide market for travel agents, and earn a commission for every person who signs up under you. To get people to sign up, you could use a combination of the above subject lines and the following call to action:

8. Start Your Own Travel Agency

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own agency, and want to know everything you need to know about doing so effectively, then check out this comprehensive guide to starting a travel agency. Not only does it cover the nitty-gritty of setting up your office, but it also explains how to effectively market your business.

How to Build Your Email List

Now that you have your subject line and call to action established, it’s time to move onto the most important part of any email marketing campaign – the email list. This is where you’ll be keeping your customers for life, so it’s important to build a solid foundation of mailing list subscribers before you start promoting your travel business.

The first step in building your email list is to create a special offer or discount code that only people who sign up will be able to use. For example, you could offer a free eBook or a discount on your next order of business cards. You can also consider using a tool like Drip to create automatic emails that will list all of your upcoming promotions. This is a great way to stay in touch with your subscribers even if you’re not directly contacting them via email.

Choose The Right Time To Email Your Subscribers

When you’re building your email list, you need to keep in mind that you’ll be sending out a lot of emails, so it’s important to choose the right time to do so. You don’t want to bombard your subscribers with emails when they’re trying to enjoy their free time, so it’s important to choose a time when you know your audience will be open to receiving your messages. Some travel agents choose to send out an email every week, while others choose to do it every other week. Experimentation is key here, so you can find out what works best for you.

The Use Of Video Content Is On the Rise.

If you’re not equipped to effectively market your travel business via email, then consider exploring other platforms like YouTube, where video content is on the rise. For example, virtual reality content is rapidly becoming popular, and you could use this to your advantage. Instead of just sending out text-based content, you could also shoot video tutorials on things like how to become a successful travel agent, and use virtual reality to immerse your audience in your world.

Final Takeaway

Emails are an essential part of any marketing campaign. Without them, you’ll be struggling to gain any traction at all. To that end, use the information discussed above to craft your own subject lines and calls to actions, and start building your email list.

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