How to Get Started With Email Marketing in Lancashire

The use of email marketing in Lancashire is growing year after year, with some industry experts estimating that the email marketing market in the county will hit £5.9billion by the end of 2022.

If you’re looking to get into the industry, here’s what you need to know.

Analyse the Market

The first step to engaging with potential customers through email marketing is to analyse the market. This involves looking into the demographics, psychographics, and digital behaviour of current customers, as well as potential customers.

You can do this through a variety of means, including through live chat conversations with customers, automated email interrogations (which examine customer behaviour, opening rates, and more), and through social media platforms (such as Twitter and LinkedIn). 

Understand the Digital Behaviour

You need to understand the digital behaviour of customers if you want to send them effective emails. This includes things like how often they use mobile devices and email clients, as well as things like their engagement with social media platforms. 

You can get a better understanding of customer behaviour through things like digital surveys, which examine customer sentiments and opinions on various topics.

Develop a Long-Term Marketing Plan

The industry is constantly changing, so it’s important to develop a long-term marketing plan that takes this into consideration.

You need to set a benchmark and achieve a certain amount of growth per year to be successful. However, you also need to be prepared to adapt your plan as the industry changes around you.

A good plan should include all of the following:

  • a clear idea of the target audience
  • a roadmap for reaching that audience
  • a clear idea of the metrics to track success
  • a clear idea of the competition
  • an action plan for reaching the benchmarks you’ve set yourself

Ensure that you revisit this plan regularly and refine it based on feedback from analysis of the market and the evolution of the industry.

Grow Your Audience Using E-Mail

The use of e-mail to promote your product or service is known as ‘e-mail marketing’ and it’s a fundamental part of any successful digital marketing plan. You can use a variety of methods to gain new subscribers including:

  • product launches via e-mail marketing
  • anniversary e-mails to encourage people to come back
  • e-mail campaigns that promote upcoming events and workshops
  • e-mail campaigns that promote sales of specific products (such as discount vouchers)
  • success stories and case studies which encourage people to subscribe
  • email list growth via reciprocal linking (reciprocal linking is when a website or blog links to another website or blog, and the two sites share owners, employees, or partners)

By using email marketing alone, you can expect to grow your audience by up to 2.7 times.

Integrate Social Media

To engage with customers through social media platforms, you need to ‘integrate’ these platforms into your e-mail marketing strategy. This means making the most of all the features that these platforms offer, whether that’s creating engaging content, using automated email campaigns, or simply engaging with your audience through things like live chat sessions.

To create effective integrated campaigns, you need to set a benchmark and achieve certain growth figures. This can be anything from getting 200 engaged conversations per week via email to using social media to get 1000 likes, comments, and shares on your Facebook page.

Once you’ve set your benchmark, it’s important to adapt your strategy to suit the climate of the industry, the nature of your product, and the target audience you’ve decided upon. You can use a variety of tools to track the success of your campaigns, such as:

  • analytics tools to track website traffic
  • analytics tools to track social media activity
  • analytics tools to track email activity
  • analytics tools to track shopping behaviour
  • web analytics tools to track marketing performance
  • CRMs to track customer relationships
  • marketing automation tools to set email campaigns
  • performance marketing tools to analyse marketing results
  • mobile app analytics platforms to track user behaviour

To get started with email marketing in Lancashire, get in touch with the Marketing Agent today. 

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