What Is a New Course Offering Letter in Email Marketing?

When a student completes a course at a university or college, they usually receive some form of acknowledgement from the institution. This can take the form of a certificate or a transcript acknowledging their qualification and allowing them to move on to the next stage of their studies. For those who graduated in the past few years, this may consist of an email from the university confirming their qualification and inviting them to apply for a new role.

As a marketer, when you’re contacted by a company who’ve had a recent course addition or alteration, you may be asked to put these letters of alteration and qualification into campaign letters.

What exactly is a new course offering letter in email marketing?

What Is a New Course Offering Letter in Email Marketing?

A new course offering letter in email marketing is used when a student has recently completed a new course at a university or college. The letter is sent to the student by the institution after the course has concluded, allowing marketers to leverage these official letters of acknowledgement into marketing material.

This letter should be used for pitching purposes only – it’s a short letter that’s unlikely to generate a lot of interest. Students who’ve taken a new introductory or foundation course at a university or college may receive a letter like this, which is used to trigger their interest in the subject material and kickstart their education in the field.

The format of the letter is usually short and sweet, and can be easily understood in a matter of minutes. Once you’ve had a glance at the contents, you can move on to the next email in your inbox.

What should you avoid as a marketer?

What Should You Avoid As A Marketer?

As a marketer, you should avoid attaching this letter to a pitch for a particular product or service. This letter is used to communicate with students, and as such, should only be leveraged into an educational pitch or used as a standalone piece of content.

This letter is used to acknowledge that a student has completed a specific course or qualification. When used in isolation, it can also acknowledge a student’s past achievements. Remember: you’re not only marketing a product, you’re also marketing a university or college’s qualification, so make sure you avoid using this letter if your aim is to sell anything.

Why is this letter important?

Why Is This Letter Important?

The reason this letter is important is that you’re not only marketing a product, you’re also marketing a university or college’s qualification. Make sure you’re clear about this when pitching the educational institution or course provider. Once you’ve established the credibility of your messaging, you can move on to the next part of your pitch and include the details about the course.

Further down the line, you may want to consider using this letter to thank students for taking the time to complete your survey or questionnaire. Asking people for their opinion is an easy way to demonstrate your appreciation for their input, and getting them to complete your survey may give you the insight you need to improve your product or service. This may also lead the student to feel that their input is valued, and make them more likely to take your product or service seriously in the future. A short and sweet survey may also be the key to unlocking the interest of those who are less likely to engage with lengthy documents.

Keep the above in mind when drafting your next course alteration or qualification letter, and you’ll be able to use this educational tool to its full potential.

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