How to Login to Locaweb’s Email Marketing Platform

Locaweb is an email marketing platform that helps businesses keep in touch with their customers. The platform offers multiple email templates, flexible content blocks, and interactive sign-up forms — all with mobile-friendly designs. With Locaweb, you can also integrate your email list with your Shopify or WooCommerce stores to create automated email marketing campaigns.

Login To Locaweb From Your Shopify Dashboard

If you’ve already configured your Shopify account to send emails on your behalf, you can log in to Locaweb from within your dashboard. Just navigate to the Settings section and scroll down to the Email Subscribers tab. Here you’ll find a button named “Login with my Shopify account.” After clicking this button, you’ll be taken to a log-in screen where you can use your existing Shopify credentials to log in to Locaweb.

Create An Account On Locaweb

To create an account on Locaweb, simply click the Create Account button at the top of the page. You’ll then be presented with several options for how you want to be remembered. You can choose a login name, as well as a password and security question. Once you’ve logged in successfully, you can get to the bottom of the page and click the blue “Welcome to LU!” button to verify you’re a real person and not a robot.

Now that you’ve got your account set up, you can use the email templates and other features within Locaweb to try out different marketing emails to see which one performs best for your business. You can also use the platform to create landing pages that funnel visitors to your website or shopify store. And if you’ve got an existing website or blog, you can use the platform to create email newsletters that send posts to your subscribers.

Set Up Email Alerts

You can use the platform’s email alerts to keep track of new content published to your website or blog. Simply visit the Subscribers area of your dashboard and click the blue “Get Alerts” button in the top right corner to get started. From here, you can choose to get emails sent to you when:

  • New posts published on your blog
  • New products added to your online store
  • New reviews published on your blog
  • New comments posted on your blog
  • New people added to your Twitter account
  • New people added to your Instagram account
  • New people added to your Google+ account
  • Any new content published on your website or blog

For a more personalized experience, you can enter your phone number and email address in the appropriate fields. Then click the Blue Get Alert button to start receiving push notifications when there’s new content published on your blog or website.

Use The Platform’s Reporting And Analytics Features

The platform provides detailed insights into how effectively your marketing efforts are performing. From the Subscribers area of your dashboard, you can access a variety of metrics like opens, clicks, and conversions – all from the previous month or year. You can also download a variety of useful reports to analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns and strategies. Furthermore, you can use the analytics tools to track the performance of individual emails and landing pages and pinpoint the elements that work and don’t work for your specific business.

There’s a lot more to Locaweb than meets the eye. As you get to know the platform better, you’ll discover that it’s full of features that make it a one-stop shop for all your email marketing needs. With support for multiple email templates and landing pages, you’ll find it easy to put together a comprehensive campaign that communicates with your audience and boosts your conversion rates.

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