How Much Does an Email Marketing Manager Make?

Email marketing managers are in high demand, and for good reason. As the name suggests, you are in charge of generating and managing email campaigns for your company. You will be responsible for ensuring that emails are delivered successfully and that open rates are high. If you’re looking to enter the field, here’s a salary comparison between email marketing managers and other jobs in digital marketing.

Top Paychecks For Digital Marketing Jobs

The salaries for digital marketing jobs really can vary quite a bit depending on the employer and the location. In general, experienced marketers can expect to earn anywhere from $55,000 to $125,000 per year. If you think that’s not enough to live on, fear not – you can also become a digital marketing manager with an expertise in e-commerce and digital marketing for products/services that sell for $500k+ per year.

In short, digital marketing is a very in-demand field, and with so much opportunity for growth, it really is a job worth considering.

The Difference In Salaries Based On Experience

Besides the obvious fact that more experience means more pay, having a certain amount of experience in digital marketing also means that you can become more selective of the jobs you take on. If you’re looking for flexibility, you may want to consider a job in digital marketing as opposed to one that requires you to work on specific campaigns that come with fixed pay. You can’t beat flexibility when it comes to earning potential.

The following list includes the top 10 salaries for marketing managers/executives, with the average wage being around $110k. Bear in mind that these figures are for marketing managers with at least five years of experience; therefore, the wages may vary significantly based on your skills and the workplace culture:

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