Email Marketing Proposal Template for Freelancers

You may be pitching your email marketing services to a company who is just starting
out or needs some help growing their list. Or, you may have been hired to produce
an email marketing campaign and are wondering how to make the most of the proposal
you’ve been given.

Whether you’re selling b2b products or services, the purpose of this guide is to
help you create the perfect email pitch to land you the business you want. Even if
you’re just beginning your email marketing career, you’ll be able to use this
guide to help you develop killer pitches that will have prospective clients knocking
down your door.

The Perfect Email PITCH

For decades, businessmen have found that using email to promote their businesses
has proven to be a highly effective strategy. In fact, according to HubSpot Blogs’ research,
46% of executives expect email to be the primary way they learn about new products and

With so much competition, it’s essential to find a way to stand out from the crowd.
Luckily, that’s what makes email marketing so damn powerful – you can reach literally
hundreds of thousands of people with just a few clicks of a button. If you’ve ever
wondered how some companies are able to grow so rapidly, it’s largely thanks to their
effective email marketing strategies.

In a nutshell, the perfect email pitch bridges the gap between what the reader knows
(your product or service) and what they want (more of your product or service). It does
this by using language that is easy to understand and memorable, demonstrating the
value that your product or service will bring, and including an offer that is
relevant and meaningful to the target audience.

So, what exactly is a perfect email pitch? To find out, let’s consider the four
different types of people most likely to be reading your email.

The Decision Maker

More and more people are relying on digital tools and their smartphones to make
critical purchase decisions. According to HubSpot Blogs’ research, 70% of consumers have
made a purchase based on a recommendation, and 52% have bought a product or service
based on a video or an image online.

It’s a trend that won’t die down. In fact, just this week Instagram announced that
it was gaining brand loyalty amongst users in Indonesia, where 79% of the population
use the app to research products and make purchases – more than any other country.

With this level of engagement, it’s critical to make sure that your content is
engaging. Luckily, Instagram is helping businesses of all sizes and stages to
connect with consumers through meaningful content that appeals to niche audiences.

If you want to see success with your email marketing, you need to start by
focusing on the most relevant audience. And one of the best ways to do that is with a
perfect email pitch.

The Influencer

Nowadays content creators with large social media followings can influence a
market to buy a product or service simply by sharing their love for it on social

According to HubSpot Blogs’ research, 39% of consumers have bought a product or
service after seeing it recommended by a brand or celebrity.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a massive social media following, you can use
your influence to inspire others to take action and buy your product or service. Start
by sharing videos and articles that demonstrate the value your product or service
brings, and if possible, include insights from industry experts about the
product/service you promote.

The Innovator

Innovators are people who see a problem and find a way to solve it. They create
something unique and valuable that others hadn’t thought of before. The perfect email
pitch for an innovator is someone who can present a viable solution to a problem
their product or service solves. It’s an approach that’s been proven over and over

If you’re reading this, I assume that you’re either an inventor yourself, or have
someone on your team who is. Have them write down all the problems that your product
or service intends to solve, and then craft an email pitch that focuses on the
specifics of how you’ll go about solving those problems.

The Value Seeker

Value seekers are people who want a product or service because it offers valuable
features or comes with additional perks. A perfect email pitch for a value seeker is
someone who can bring something unique to the table. It’s often said that people
want what we have to offer so they can have more of what they want. So if you can
craft an email pitch that offers a solution to a problem that the value seeker
faces, you’re well on your way to crafting a perfect email pitch.

The good thing about a value seeker is that they’re often looking for a
solution to a problem. That means there’s an opportunity to provide value to

For example, if you’re pitching a service that will allow businesses to create
events and deliver them to their audiences, you might say, “Hey, Jane. Thanks for
reaching out! We are a marketing agency that can help you create awareness and
drive traffic to your event. Here’s our proposal…”

This type of email is very short and to the point, and it answers the question,
“What will you provide that’s different and valuable?”

Along with a perfect email pitch, you need to have a compelling business
case. The following sections will help you develop an effective business case for
your product or service.

The Business Case

The business case for your product or service is a combination of your vision for
the future of your company and your financial estimates for how you’ll be able to
achieve that future. When pitching a business idea, it’s important to make sure that
the person listening has all the necessary information to understand and appreciate
your idea. Otherwise, they may lose interest if they feel that they’re missing
pieces of the puzzle.

You’ll use your business case to answer questions such as: How will you make
money? What is your price point? How many customers do you foresee becoming
customers? Where will you get your funding?

The more that you can reveal about your business plan, the better. Be sure to
include all the financials – revenue, expenses, and projections – in your business
case. Having this information will help the listener better understand the
viability of your product or service. It also demonstrates your due diligence in
preparing for the meeting.

Operational Data

Operational data, or the information that you need to keep your business running
efficiently, is everything from the things that you need to function to the services
that you need to offer. When pitching a business idea, you must include all of the
operational data in your business case – things like the names of crucial
partners, the locations of your physical stores or offices, the equipment you need,
and the qualifications of your employees.

The more that you can reveal about your business, the better. It shows that you’re
thoughtful and prepared, and hopefully, that will earn you trust. If you want to
impress the person listening to your pitch, make sure that everything is in place and
that you have all the necessary data ready. This includes having all of the
financials ready to go, as well as any other documentation or evidence that you
think may help the person on the other end of the line understand your business
model and how you plan to achieve success.

The Growth Strategy

One of the most important things that a business needs to consider is how they’ll
grow. Just like you would create a five-year business plan, you should put in place a
strategy for growing your business. This includes creating a comprehensive plan for
marketing your product or service, determining how you’ll go about finding
customers, and establishing a budget for your marketing efforts.

The best part of a growth strategy is that it helps you identify what you’ll need
to do to reach your full potential. Before you know it, your plan will be halfway
done and you’ll have another project to tackle.

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