9 Email Marketing Secrets That Will Increase Your Open and Click Through Rates

With the prevalence of email marketing, it’s important to keep up with the trends in order to increase your open and click through rates.

Here are some of the most effective tactics that can help you increase your open rates and click throughs:

1. Personalise Your Email Marketing

According to MarketingCharts, personalisation is one of the biggest trends for 2018.

Personalised emails are more engaging than your average email marketing campaign, simply because the content is relevant to the recipient. Instead of sending out a list of product offers, you can send out an email with helpful tips on how to purchase the items, or perhaps a weekly update on the status of the product they ordered.

Personalising your emails encourages recipients to engage with your content, because it seems more like a one-on-one conversation between you and that specific person. When you personalise your email, you’re improving its relevance to the recipient. You’re also increasing the chance that they’ll respond, because they’ll feel like they’re receiving a helpful tip or update from a friend.

2. Integrate Social Proof Into Your Email Marketing

Another important trend to follow in 2018 is integrating social proof into your email marketing.

According to HubSpot Blogs, integrating social proof into your content can increase your click-through and open rates by as much as 25%.

The information that comes directly from social media is often more trustworthy and more authentic than traditional marketing content. When you integrate social proof into your content, the perception is that you’re a more authentic speaker and more authoritative source. Your potential customer now has a reference point that this content is credible, so they have confidence in what you’re saying.

3. Create Compelling CTA’s (Call To Action)

To increase your conversion and get more leads, you need to make a compelling call to action (CTA) in your email.

A call to action should be concise, easy to understand, and compelling enough to make the reader take action.

When crafting your CTA, make sure to include; branding, a link to your website, social proof, and an offer.

For example, if you’re emailing about an affiliate product and want to encourage the recipient to click on a web link or go to a particular page, you can craft a CTA that looks like this; “Visit our website for all the details about our top-rated affiliate product, or click here to learn more.”

Now, if you want to encourage someone to make a purchase of a physical product (e.g. a gym membership, event ticket, or cookbook), you might want to consider using an opt-in form rather than a CTA.

An opt-in form allows the reader to subscribe to your email list (usually through an opt-in box at the top of the email), so they can receive valuable information about products and offers that they might be interested in.

4. Utilise Sales-related Language

In an B2B context (i.e. between business-to-business), language related to sales is prevalent and, according to HubSpot Blogs, using this type of language can increase your conversion rates by as much as 10%.

For example, if you want to encourage someone to make an online purchase, you can say, “Our research shows that 70% of customers feel more confident buying online from merchants that use language related to sales.”

This type of language could be effective for B2C as well, simply because most consumers purchase something every day, and therefore if you want to encourage them to make a purchase, you can say, “With each purchase, our customers gain access to a new piece of gear. It’s the equivalent of getting one-on-one coaching from an expert.”

Additionally, in sales-related emails, you can use language such as; “Here’s another great example of an eCommerce store that gets it,” or “How many times have you wanted to buy something only to find that the price has gone up?”

Crafting messages that contain sales-related language is one of the easiest ways to make yourself more relevant to potential customers, and it can increase your conversion and click-through rates.

5. Test Subject Lines

One of the primary ways that you can increase your conversion and click-through rates is through the subject line of your email.

According to HubSpot Blogs, the subject line of your email can have a significant impact on your open and click-through rates, so you want to make sure that you test a range of subject lines.

Additionally, the longer the subject line, the more likely it is to attract attention in your email client, so you want to ensure that each subject line is compelling enough to draw the eye of the reader.

Your email client will often have a section at the top that lists the various subject lines that you’ve tried (in order of effectiveness), so you can always go back and try out new subject lines if an older one didn’t work.

As a general rule, simple, short subject lines perform best; they’re more memorable and less likely to be ignored by the reader.

6. Measure The Success Of Your Email Marketing Efforts

Finally, you can measure the success of your email marketing efforts using a few different metrics.

First, you can look at your open and click-through rates to get a general idea of how effective your campaigns were. Additionally, you can measure the amount of leads that you’ve generated, and how many of those leads have become paying customers.

As with any marketing activity, it’s always helpful to have a clear idea of what worked and what didn’t work. In the event that you’re curious about your email marketing’s performance, it’s a good idea to compare it to similar campaigns that you’ve run in the past.

Looking at these numbers can help you identify areas where you can optimize your campaigns for greater results.

Additionally, you can measure the success of your email marketing by examining the number of people who registered with your website; sign-ups, traffic, and leads are all metrics that you can examine to see how many people are benefiting from your emails.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you found these tips on how to increase your conversion and click-through rates useful. With the right strategies, tools, and resources, you’ll be able to grow your email marketing efforts into profitable ventures.

If you’d like to learn more tactics that can help you improve your email marketing, check out HubSpot Blogs.

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