Email Marketing Tools – Which Should You Use?

You’ve probably heard about email marketing. After all, it was one of the first online marketing tools to gain popularity. But did you know that even though email marketing is quite useful, there are also a number of different tools that you can use to do the same thing?

There are a variety of tools available to the marketer, making it easy to test various marketing campaigns and see which one(s) work best for you. So if you’re looking to try out email marketing tools, here is a short guide to help you decide what to use.

Attracting New Customers With Free Email Signups

One of the most popular email marketing tools is Aweber. The service provides a free option that allows you to try out their software and build up a list of email subscribers who have expressed interest in your product or service. If you decide that you like the service, you can upgrade to a paid plan which offers features like auto-responder functionality and multiple email address support.

Another option is MailChimp. Similar to Aweber, MailChimp provides a free plan that allows you to build and grow a list of subscribers. But unlike Aweber, you can choose from a range of useful and customizable email templates to attract new customers and engage with existing ones. So if you’re looking for a free email marketing solution, then you can try out MailChimp today.

Grow A List Of Subscribers With Scarcity

One of the most effective tricks in sales is using scarcity. When you make a product or service scarce, this typically leads to an increase in demand and, therefore, your sales. You can apply this same principle to email marketing. If you decide that you want to limit the number of subscribers who can sign up for your email list, you can do this easily by setting a limit on how many free signups you’ll offer. Once you reach this limit, you can no longer promote your free email list and you’ll have to switch to a different strategy to grow your business.

One option is Drip. Drip is a free tool that provides you with the functionality to send out email campaigns with scarcity. For example, instead of offering your email list for free, you can set up a countdown timer which the customers need to act quickly to sign up before the offer expires. This method of promoting your product or service through email marketing is proven to work and has the potential to generate tons of interest and sales for your company.

Measure The Success Of Your Marketing Efforts

To determine the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign, you need to measure several key performance indicators (KPIs). The most important of these is open rate, which measures how many people are actually opening your messages. An open rate of 10% is considered low, but it’s still better than zero. Zero is considered a failure in digital marketing.

One easy way to improve your open rate is by measuring the effectiveness of your email messages using a tool like Mailchimp’s Analytics. With this tool, you can segment your emails based on how they performed, so you can see what resonated with your audience and which strategies you should use in the future.

Offer Valuable And Useful Information To Your Subscribers

One of the best things about email marketing is that you can send out valuable and useful information to your subscribers. There are many different ways to provide value to your subscribers, from giving them free patterns or guides to showing them how to use your product or service to solve a specific problem. You can even use your newsletter to advertise other products or services, creating a win/win situation for all involved.

For instance, if you are an email marketing tool provider, you can use your platform to show small businesses how to use your products and, in turn, get paid by providing training on how to use your product. Or if you are a vegan and you know that a lot of your subscribers are also vegans, you can use your platform to tell them about vegan brands and products that they might not have heard about before. This type of information is incredibly valuable to your audience and, as a result, your overall marketing strategy.

Email marketing is a useful tool for businesses of all sizes. Not only does it allow you to target the right audience and offer them valuable information, but it also allows you to track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, grow a following and gain credibility.

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