How to Use Email Marketing to Increase Yoga Enrollment

Yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise there is, recommended by physicians and popularized by Hollywood celebrities. In the US alone, there are over 100 million monthly active users on the platform, and that’s just in the country! Yoga has also become an important part of wellness for those who follow traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). According to the TCM theory of “Qi” and “Yang” deficiency syndrome, many patients rely on yoga to supplement their diets, decrease their blood lipid levels, and regulate their sleep cycles.

If you’re interested in marketing yoga, you’re in luck because the field is booming! Companies like SoulCycle, Equinox, and launched fitness-focused email marketing lists to help them reach potential new students. Here’s how you can get started with email marketing for yoga classes.

Set Up Autoresponders

With every business, there’s a hierarchy. Management comes first, employees come next, customers follow, and finally, suppliers, vendors, and contractors. However, in the case of SoulCycle, CEO Melanie Melancon, says that “the customer is king” when it comes to her company’s marketing efforts. So, it makes sense that the customer would come first. In fact, SoulCycle has set up an autoresponder sequence in which it encourages its subscribers to take a yoga class with them. Here’s how it works.

When a new subscriber signs up for the list, they receive an email from autoresponder, welcoming them to the community. In addition to the usual welcome email, they receive a second email a few days later with a link to a special offer. After that, the email sequence automatically sends out a weekly lesson to each person on the list. For instance, if someone signs up on a Tuesday, they’ll receive a lesson the following Thursday.

Focus On The Basics

The biggest mistake many businesses make is thinking that sophisticated marketing methods will automatically get them more customers. This, however, is not the case. To truly succeed with email marketing, you must start with the basics. This means creating a good, concise, and easy-to-follow email that speaks to your potential customer’s interests. In the case of SoulCycle, their emails are short and to the point, containing no more than three sentences as well as a call to action.

In addition, the company focuses on educating its audiences about the benefits of yoga, rather than selling them on the product. In an industry where subscribers are already familiar with the concept of yoga, this may be difficult. However, by presenting it in a way that is educational and interesting, they’ve managed to establish a small community of yoga-minded individuals who are eager to take their next class.

Email marketing doesn’t have to be complicated, especially if you keep the above pointers in mind. With a little bit of effort, you can stand out from the crowd and successfully promote your yoga business via email.

Build Your Email List

The biggest mistake that any business, big or small, can make is thinking that just because they have a product or service that people will automatically want to hear about. Building an email list is a long and difficult process, but it’s certainly worth it. This is especially important for yoga businesses, because without a subscriber base, you have no audience to send your emails to. You can, however, start by asking your customers to subscribe, or offering a special discount if they sign up at the same time you offer a special deal to someone else.

The above example, from SoulCycle, shows that by working with a third-party vendor to grow their email list, they were able to establish a small community of yoga-minded individuals who were interested in their service and wanted to hear more about it. In addition, the email itself provided valuable information, including a weekly schedule of classes, as well as a special offer that was only available to subscribers.

Measure The Results Of Your Marketing Efforts

It’s natural to get excited about all the attention that your product or service is receiving, but that’s not the case. While it’s always great to see your hard work pay off, you must stay objective and keep a level head, regardless of the success you’re experiencing. To do this, you must measure the results of your marketing efforts and determine whether or not they were effective. Here’s where you should start.

First off, look at your email marketing software and determine how many subscribers you have and how many people opened (or clicked on) your emails. Also, measure the conversion rate, or the number of subscribers who’ve actually done something, like paid for a product or service you offer or signed up for a gym membership. 

Keeping these things in mind will help you determine the success of your email marketing efforts and whether or not they were worth it. If you find that a large percentage of your audience is unsubscribing, then it’s time for a U-turn. You need to work out what’s wrong and fix it. Perhaps find out why people are unsubscribing and see if there’s anything you can do to stop this. Alternatively, you might decide that this is a valuable segment of the population and keep promoting to them because, ultimately, this is how you’ll grow your business. The choice is up to you.

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