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Emily Burns is the Digital Managing Director of Youth Marketing Connection, an organization that provides marketing strategies for underserved youth and their communities. Previously, she was Director of Marketing at Generation Identity, where she spearheaded marketing research and analysis, digital marketing strategies, and social media campaigns. She also was responsible for brand building, communications, and marketing partnerships. Prior to Generation Identity, she was Regional Marketing Director at TBWA\R\A, where she led several successful marketing campaigns for Jeeves Bedroom Set, Levi’s Watches, and Mitsubishi Motors. She has also worked with The Coca-Cola Company, Gap Inc., and Coach. In 2019, she was named Top 40 Under 40 by The Irish Times and was recognized as an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur Of The Year in Ireland.

Why Email Marketing Is Viable For All Businesses

The role of email marketing in a typical business is very different from that of a non-profit or political organization. While marketing departments in larger organizations focus on brand awareness, purchase behavior, and revenue growth, the goal of a business with an email marketing strategy is to convert as many people as possible into customers. The more customers you have, the more profitable your business will be. The downside is that generating revenue can take longer than you’d expect, especially if you’re trying to grow a small business. However, the long-term benefits of good email marketing can be invaluable. It’s important to keep in mind that potential customers can easily unsubscribe from marketing emails, so it’s always a balancing act between acquiring new customers and keeping the ones you have.

How Email Marketing Fuelled The Growth Of Generation Identity

The nonprofit organization Generation Identity was founded in 1995 and originally existed as a one-time event. However, thanks to effective email marketing, they’ve grown into a movement with hundreds of chapters across North America and in several other countries. If you’d like to see how email marketing helped them establish themselves, check out their case study below.

In the early 2000s, Generation Identity faced significant growth and became active in a number of different areas. In addition to hosting annual events, they started a business outreach program called Youth@ID, which provided entrepreneurs with guidance and support. They expanded their marketing efforts and hired a full-time marketing director to lead the way. Since their inception, they’ve primarily focused on immigration issues and have been very vocal about opposing mass deportations. In light of this, it’s not too much of a stretch to say that their primary audience is people of color.

Thanks to the groundwork laid by their marketing director, Emily Burns, they were able to establish strong and trusted partnerships with major brands like Google and Apple. These partnerships not only helped with online fundraising but also provided relevant content for their emails. For example, if someone visits their website and selects the option to make a donation, they’ll receive an email with a detailed overview of the issues facing immigrants in the country and an appeal for continued support.

What’s Next For Emily Burns?

While at first glance, Emily Burns’ career looks like it’s been a straight shot from Event to Email, actually, it’s been quite the opposite. She’s worked her way up through several positions at progressive organizations, from field organizer to project manager to marketing director. She always had the drive to succeed and the determination to find the best path to accomplish her goals. When asked about her long-term plans, she’s not exactly like the rest of the crowd. Instead of focusing on the next promotion or raise, she wants to start her own marketing agency and work with small businesses to build sustainable growth platforms. To do this, she’s learning to code and exploring various platforms like Shopify, where she’s built a blog, and Strikingly, where she’s created a marketing community.

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