Example Email to Marketing Company: How to Send It

I work for a marketing agency that often gets sent emails from brands looking for inspiration or ideas. Sometimes these emails are so-so but sometimes they’re really special and make my job easy. As a former event manager, I often find myself thinking about how to make the most of these priceless emails.

Make It Personal

The worst thing you can do is send an impersonal email to a brand or company. Even if it’s about an affiliate partnership or product review, you should make it personal. Find out what makes the recipient tick and you’ll have an easier time selling your product or service. You can also put a little bit of yourself in the subject line to make it more personal. For example, instead of using ‘Product Review’, try using ‘Product Review & Hints From An Event Manager’.

Brands expect a certain level of personalization when contacting marketing agencies. After all, you might be pitching your services to them or their company may be considering hiring you. Even if you’re just sending an email to say hello, you can put a little twist on it to make things personal – like signing off with a smile or a handwritten note. Anything that makes it more individual will make your email more memorable. You might also consider using marketing automation to do the same thing. For example, you could create an automated email to promote a new product and include a handwritten note at the end. The recipient will feel like you took the time to personalize the email instead of just pressing send!

Customized Mailing List

You can also make a difference by including a customized mailing list with your email. The more people you can get on your list, the better. This is especially effective if you can get someone on your list to enter their email address again and again. It’s the perfect way to grow your email list quickly – without using a lot of effort. If you can get someone who is already on your email list to enter their own email address again, you can start building a relationship with them and eventually get them to purchase a product or service. This can be a lot more effective than just sending an email to your general mailing list.

Offer Some Value

One of the simplest ways to make your email more valuable is to add some value to it. Did you know that people often read online reviews before buying a product or service? Adding value means taking the time to educate or entertain the reader while also promoting your product or service. It’s a win-win because the more the reader learns or experiences about your product or service, the more they’ll be inclined to purchase it. If you can add some value to your email without having to sell your product or service, you’ll increase the odds of the recipient acting upon it.

Keep It Short

People hate reading long emails. As a marketing agency professional, you know this all too well. The shorter the better when it comes to emails. If you can get the attention of your reader with a few concise sentences, you will have a much better chance of getting them to act upon your email. Keep your email short and to the point.

Use Call To Action

When you’ve finally wrapped up your email and you want to encourage the reader to do something, use a call to action. It’s an effective technique used by many successful marketers to increase the odds of someone taking some sort of action. For example, if you’re pitching an affiliate product, you could say “If you’re interested in earning extra money from home, check out my top affiliate products that will help you make money online.”

Your call to action doesn’t have to be related to a product or service. It could be asking the reader to visit your website, like the example above. Or, you could ask them to sign up for your newsletter, like this one from HubSpot.

You can also use a call to action in your email’s signup form – like this one from Freshbooks.

Attach Files

Attach files to prove your point. Did you know that people tend to read online reviews more likely to purchase a product or service if they have the option of downloading the associated files? This can be an easy way to provide extra value to your email’s recipients without having to write an entire article. If you’ve got an ebook you want to promote, you can send the link along with your custom email.

Offer Some Concrete Value

Finally, make sure that your email provides some sort of concrete value to the reader. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to provide an incredible deal for them to consider it worthwhile. Often times, all it takes is the promise of value for your email to seem more appealing. Did you know that if you provide amazing value and an incredible price point, people are more willing to purchase your product or service due to the extreme low-cost?

For example, if you’re promoting an affiliate product, you could say: “Thanks for checking out my top affiliate products. One of these will change your life and allow you to reach your financial goals quicker than ever. Here’s a quick overview of how they work.”

The important thing to keep in mind is that no matter what you want to accomplish with your email, you must always start with the value proposition. You can’t assume that your readers will know exactly what you’re talking about or what you want them to do. Take the time to explain everything clearly – and make it personal.

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