How to Filter Out Unsubscribes from Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a powerful tool for increasing sales and driving engagement with your offers. But, one of the challenges of email marketing is filtering out unsubscribes from your campaigns. In this post, we’ll explain why it’s important to filter out unsubscribes and how to do it.

Why You Need to Filter Out Unsubscribes

When you’re sending out emails, it’s important to keep unsubscribes in mind. If you don’t filter out unsubscribes, your emails could be marked as spam and your open rates will suffer. This will lead to fewer conversions and less engagement with your offers.

In addition to reducing open rates, sending emails to people who have already unsubscribed is a violation of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. This law protects consumers from receiving unsolicited emails and imposes certain requirements on businesses that send email campaigns. Violation of this law can result in fines and other penalties.

How to Filter Out Unsubscribes

The first step in filtering out unsubscribes is to make sure that your email list is up to date. You should be regularly removing people who haven’t opened your emails in a while or people who have requested to be removed from your list. If you don’t keep your list up to date, it will be hard to filter out unsubscribes.

The next step is to use a service that can help you filter out unsubscribes. There are a few services available that specialize in filtering out unsubscribes from email campaigns. These services track when someone unsubscribes from your emails and automatically remove them from your list. This will ensure that you don’t send emails to people who have already unsubscribed.

Finally, you should also make sure that you are regularly reviewing your email list for unsubscribes. This can be done manually by going through your list and looking for people who have unsubscribed or by using a service that allows you to search for unsubscribes. This will help you keep your list up to date and reduce the risk of violating the CAN-SPAM Act.


Filtering out unsubscribes is an important part of running an effective email marketing campaign. By filtering out unsubscribes, you can ensure that your emails are reaching the right people and that you are complying with the CAN-SPAM Act. We hope this post has been helpful and has given you the information you need to keep your email list up to date and filter out unsubscribes.

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