How to Make General Dynamics Marketing Emails Stand Out

General Dynamics is a multi-billion dollar company known for manufacturing everything from submarines to aircraft carriers and advanced weaponry. Since the company is a military hardware powerhouse, it’s no surprise that they send out lots of marketing emails. However, not all of these emails are created equal, and it’s important to keep the branding of your business in mind when crafting your strategy. In this article, we will discuss five effective tips on how to make your General Dynamics marketing emails stand out above the rest.

Personalise The Subject Line

The subject line of your marketing emails is arguably one of the most important parts of your campaign. After all, who cares about your product or service if the person on the other end of the email doesn’t care enough to click through to your site or pick up the phone to call you. To grab the reader’s attention, you need to craft a compelling headline that will make your email stand out above the rest. When using marketing emails to grow your business, you need to bear in mind that people are busy, and you have to capture their attention quickly before they forget about you. In most cases, your email will be pitted against competitors’ ads and other irrelevant messages in their inbox, so it’s up to you to make it stand out.

To do this, you need to personalise the subject line. When someone opens your email, they’ll see a subject line that’s relevant to their interests. In some instances, you can use subject lines such as “Hey, xxx” or “Check out this great new yyyy website I found for you.” Depending on your product and industry, you can use phrases such as “You’ll love this new yyyy product, xxxxx” or “How about this great new service for car buyers?'”

Keeping these subject lines short and sweet is preferable when maximizing the odds of the email being opened and clicked-through. To make your headline even more compelling, you can include a call to action like “Learn more”, “Read this valuable guide”, or “Get the inside scoop at this great website.” Remember, people are busy and attention-poor. You’re trying to persuade them to take some action, so stand out the action with a call to action.

Include A Bit About The Author

While the main goal of your email is to encourage the reader to click through to your website, product review, or phone number, you can also include a little about the author in the opening sentence of your email. Doing this adds a little bit of personality to your email and makes it seem more personal. For example, you can say “Hey, John Doe, I seen your product on xxxxx and think it’s a great fit for my yyyy business. I included a little about my business for you to have an idea of what my company does.”

This way, the reader will know exactly who you are and what your agenda is without having to look at your website or visit your social media accounts. For better or worse, we live in a world full of fake news and misinformation, so keeping a bit of distance between you and your readership is important.

CC: Everyone You Know

One of the biggest things that makes your General Dynamics marketing emails stand out above the rest is the fact that you know most of the people on the email list. You can put anyone’s name in the CC field of your email and tell them you’re sending the message on behalf of someone else. In doing this, you’re essentially saying “Hey, I’m going to send this email to a bunch of my friends, so if you’ve got something to share, now’s the perfect opportunity.”

As a business owner, salesperson, vendor, or consultant, you’ll often find yourself in the position of recommending a product or service to someone. One of the most frustrating things about this situation is having to email people you’ve never met before to get them to try out your product or service. This problem is compounded when you include your email address in the email, meaning that everyone you know gets bombarded with emails from someone they don’t know. Using a tool like Mailchimp, you can put a stop to this frustrating chain reaction by hiding your email address from the recipient and replacing it with the email address of the person you’re writing to. In this way, you’re maintaining a bit of distance between you and your readership and preventing them from being spammed by a barrage of unwanted emails.

Use Images & Links

One of the most important things in any marketing email campaign is the use of visuals. Emails are meant to be looked at and consumed on mobile devices, so make sure that each part of your email contains an image that’s big enough for everyone to see it clearly on a mobile device. When designing your email, use images that are relevant to the content and keep the information easy to follow.

Along with visuals, you should use links where possible. When someone clicks on a link in your email, they’ll be taken to a page on your site (if you have one), Facebook, or Twitter, where they can learn more about your product or service. This not only makes it easy for the reader to know where they are but also gives you the opportunity to drive more interest to your website by encouraging them to visit more often.

Use A Bit Of Humor

While we all strive for being taken seriously as professionals, it’s important to keep in mind that marketing emails are essentially advertisements. As mentioned before, people are often bombarded with emails, so you need to ensure that your emails don’t come off too much like advertisements by adding a bit of humor where appropriate. For example, you can say something like “Hey, did you know that you are better off staying home, drinking wine, and eating chocolate than going to the beach this year? According to science.”

Including hyperlinks and images in your email can help, but to really stand out you need to add a bit of humor and social media icons where appropriate. When writing your emails, you should use language that’s easy to understand and interesting to read. To make your writing unique, you can use online tools like the Google Docs to come up with ideas for your blog posts or product reviews. Doing this will help you to ensure that your blog posts and social media posts are relevant, interesting, and well-written.

Avoid The Fluff

To truly stand out, your General Dynamics marketing emails must have substance and be well-written. To ensure that you’re not wasting your time and theirs, you need to take the time to read over your email before sending it. Before you hit send, make sure that the email is free of spelling errors and that the content is easily digestible. In some instances, you can use a tool like Grammarly to check the spelling of your emails before sending them out.

Once you’ve done all of this, it’s time to hit send and then sit back and wait for either the compliments or the complaints. In most cases, the compliments will come first, and then you can start building your business off of that success.

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