10 Good Blog Email Marketing Headlines for Your Blog

With the success of blogs and online magazines, especially those with a design niche, marketers have seen an opportunity to replicate this success through email marketing. What is email marketing? It’s simply the practice of sending out automated emails to people who have given permission to receive them. There are several very simple ways to grow your email list and get started with email marketing for your blog in a matter of minutes!

1. Create A Free Account With A Mailing List Manager

There are several popular email list managers like AWeber, ConvertKit, and MailChimp, which make it easy to create and maintain a mailing list of customers. When someone signs up for your free account with one of these companies, you can quickly send out emails with content that is either highly relevant to what they signed up for in the first place, or content that you think they’ll value in some way.

2. Run A Giveaway Or Contest

Giveaways and contests are always a great way to grow your email list, as long as you do them smartly. One strategy that is effective is to give away free eBooks, MP3s, or CDs as gifts for people who sign up for your mailing list. This can be coupled with a contest where you give away a grand prize, like a trip to Thailand or one of the other prize destinations around the world that the company behind Airbnb can afford. The key is to pick a giveaway/contest that is relevant to your target audience and has a clear end date. The last thing you want to do is run a giveaway that is open indefinitely, as you’ll lose track of who has entered what contest and whether or not you should send out more entries.

3. Host A Webinar

Another effective strategy for exponentially growing your email list is to host a webinar with a renowned speaker or thought leader in your industry. During the webinar, you’ll discuss something relevant to your niche and possibly even give away a free product that is tied to your prize (like an e-Book or a license key for a software product). After the webinar, you can follow up with the speaker(s) with a series of email messages that include a digest of the key points discussed during the webinar. This strategy is highly effective because:

  • It allows you to speak with many people at once
  • It gives you the opportunity to provide value to your audience
  • People who attended the webinar are more likely to value what you have to say
  • You can ask for their email again so you can stay in touch

4. Start A Blog Club

A final strategy for growing your email list fast is to start a blog club with your mates. To start this blog club, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Create a group on social media (like Facebook groups or LinkedIn groups).
  • Choose a theme for your blog – whether you choose a single topic or a broad spectrum like SEO or Technology. (For example, I have a group of technology-related blogs that I interact with regularly)
  • Choose a lead magnet that will draw people in
  • Set the timeframe for the club (end date)
  • Publish the group’s announcement on your blog (at the very least)
  • Curate a free sample content calendar (like our sample content calendar from Thrive Content or our own team’s creation)
  • Iterate on the content calendar (revise, refine, and build on the initial content for future editions)

Once you’ve started this blog club, you can use the Announcement from the group to prompt people to sign up for your mailing list. From there, you can send out a regular round of content that is either highly relevant to what they signed up for in the first place, or content that you think they’ll value in some way.

Now You’ve Got A Pulse On Your Email List

Once you have a pulse on your email list, you’ll start to see the relevance of the content that you send out. For instance, if you sent out an email about how to increase your productivity at work, and someone has signed up for your list because they are looking to learn how to be more efficient, you’ll know that that topic will have some value to them. At that point, you can continue to send out valuable content that is either directly related to what they signed up for in the first place, or content that you think they’ll find valuable in some way.

The key takeaway from this article is that there are several simple, inexpensive ways to get started with email marketing for your blog. By using the above-mentioned tactics, you’ll be able to create a sustainable flow of leads and subscribers who are eager to hear from you. Want to learn more? Reach out to us, we’re happy to help with any enquiries!

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