How to Use Google Recruiter Email

If you’re looking for an easy way to find new employees, consider using Google Recruiter. The tool lets you create job queries that will generate a list of candidates. You can also set the preferred number of candidates to be displayed per query.

You may have heard of people using online tools to find employees — and you may be wondering how exactly Google Recruiter works.

How Does It Work?

Let’s say you’re the head of a marketing department at a company that provides website development services. You’ve been tasked with hiring someone to take on a similar position at your company. You could write up a simple job description, but you know that might not get you very far. You need something more targeted.

What you need is a recruiter. Someone who can — literally—get you the best candidate for the job. Someone who can — technically — put you in touch with the right person. Someone who can — practically — get you the number of interviews needed for the job. Someone who is — truly — your partner in the search for your next employee.

Enter Google Recruiter. With this online tool, you can — literally — type in your job description, and it will return a list of potential candidates. You can use the search bar to run a more specific search, or click the option to create a new job query. You don’t need to — and probably shouldn’t — hit ‘enter’ on your keyboard to generate the list. You can easily get the results you need with just a few clicks of a button.

When a job is submitted, the recruiter verifies the information and then sends out a welcoming message to the employer. The tool also connects you with the hiring manager, who may conduct a short interview via phone or via email. Once the position is filled, the recruiter hands off the candidate to the hiring manager for the final approval process.


If you need a reliable resource to help you find employees, consider Google Recruiter. It has a few notable features that make it stand out from other similar online tools:

  • A targeted job search that will — eventually — return you a short list of candidates.
  • A simple — but effective — search bar that allows you to run a more focused search.
  • A ‘show me how to get this job’ section that will teach you the best ways to apply for specific positions.
  • An ‘advanced search’ button that will allow you to search for positions that require — or prefer — specific skills, or locations, or — you guessed it — genders.

If you use the search bar to search for ‘Marketing Manager, New York City,’ for example, you will see a number of relevant job ads that you can click into. When you click on a job, you’ll be taken to a page that will provide you with information about the job, as well as a few best practices on how to apply for the position.


If you’re looking for a reliable resource to help you find employees, consider using Google Recruiter. The tool makes it easy for employers to post jobs and to find the best candidates for those jobs. Remember that while Google Recruiter can — theoretically — help you find exactly what you’re looking for, it is not a replacement for a real human recruiter; it is a tool that amplifies your search for candidates. The more you use the tool, the better it gets at — theoretically — returning the results you want. Just be sure to verify the information about the candidate you’re considering, just to be sure.

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