How to Turn Off Auto-Responder for AWeber

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re already a subscriber to AWeber. If you’re not yet a subscriber, what are you waiting for? There’s lots of value in the Premium plan, which you can access for free.

One of the features of the plan is the ability to have your emails automatically responded to. If you use that feature, you’ll find a small toggle button in the upper right corner of every email. When you first set up your account, you’ll see a message letting you know that having an auto-responder enabled is one of the features that makes your life easier. So, whenever you send an email with that annoying little button in the upper right corner, it feels like you’re yelling at a wall. You aren’t exactly shouting, but it feels like you are.

If you find that you’re shouting at the wall a lot, you can disable the auto-responder for that account. Just visit your dashboard and find the email you want to change, then click on the “Edit” button next to it. From there, you can choose to turn off the auto-responder feature.

If you do that, you’ll no longer receive any emails automatically answered by AWeber. You’ll need to remember to click on the “Reply” button when you receive them so you can reply to the individual emails.

More Than Meets The Eye

The above steps will help you with the technical side of turning off the auto-responder for your AWeber account. But, in order to truly understand what the feature is and why you might want to turn it off, you need to understand a little bit about the psychology of the situation.

When you have an auto-responder set up for your account, it means that whenever someone emails you, your personal assistant will automatically reply to that person. In most cases, this means that there will be a small notification from AWeber showing up in your inbox as soon as someone emails you. While this may not sound like a bad thing, it can easily turn into a problem if you aren’t careful.

With the ability to have an assistant automatically reply to emails, you can imagine how quickly that number of emails will grow. AWeber already has over 200 million registered users. If you combine that with everyone using email marketing software, you can easily see how that number could climb fairly quickly. Plus, having someone else reply to your emails can quickly turn into a chore. Especially when you’re bombarded with emails all day long and the replies start to pile up.

People love to complain about email overload. It’s the number one complaint when it comes to customer support. So, if you’re running a business that regularly communicates with customers via email, you’ll want to avoid this as much as possible. Having an auto-responder set up for your AWeber account can help with that. If you don’t want to answer all your customer’s emails automatically, you can prevent that by turning off the auto-responder. This will reduce the number of notifications you receive and, in turn, the number of emails you need to deal with. It’s more than convenient having your email answered quickly and automatically when you don’t have the time to reply to every single email yourself. Especially when you’re busy running your business.

Over-Enthusiastic Personal Assistant

Imagine for a moment that you’ve got a personal assistant who absolutely adores you and your business. They’re so keen to help you that they reply to every email they get with a detailed explanation of how they can help. Unfortunately, while this may be very useful for you, it can also be a little bit overwhelming for the person who’s just trying to get through their daily tasks. Especially when the replies start to pile up. This can make someone very anxious. AWeber already told us that the fear of missing out is a growing concern among their subscribers. With the ability to have an assistant automatically answer your emails, you’re giving people the opportunity to be their best self. While this might be great for your business, it can also make people feel a little bit overwhelmed.

When you’ve got a lot of work to do and you don’t have the time to reply to every email you receive, you can prevent this by turning off the auto-responder. This will not only reduce the number of emails you receive, but it’ll also mean that your PA will be able to give more personalized replies where they actually use words like “I” and “you” instead of just sending automated emails back and forth.

Reduced Anxiety

There’s a reason why AWeber chose to name their product the “Answer” button. One of the reasons is because when someone clicks on that button, they’re typically feeling a little bit anxious. This is usually because they’re wondering if they’ll get a reply or not. When you have an auto-responder set up for your account, you’re giving people the assurance that their email will be answered. This can help with reducing anxiety. While this might not seem like a big deal, when you’re bombarded with notifications all day long, it can become a bother. Especially when it comes to people who are feeling a little bit anxious already. You can remind them that their email will be answered and it will reduce their anxiety level. In some cases, this can even help people feel safer to send you their personal details about their health or finances. With the ability to have an automatic reply, you’re not going to scare off potential customers by showing them that you don’t always reply. This is especially important if you’re a business that helps people with money worries. It can be very nerve-wracking to send your personal details about your health to a company you don’t know much about. Especially when you’re worried about money. You might send off your details only to find out that the company doesn’t do what it says on the tin. Having an automatic reply can help with all of this. It can give you the reassurance that someone will be there to help when you need it. Especially if you’re not feeling well or if there’s an important matter that needs to be addressed.

The above examples are useful for understanding the psychology of having an auto-responder. As you can see, having one can help with a lot of different things. It can make your life a little bit easier by taking some of the busywork away. It can also help people feel safer to communicate with you. This can be especially useful for those who are worried about their health or money. The list of things that having an auto-responder can do for you is endless. But, if you don’t want to answer all of the emails you receive, you can prevent this by turning off the feature.

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