How to Control the Amount of Space Under the AWeber Divider

The AWeber divider is one of the most useful tools the the AWeber marketing platform has to offer. This feature allows you to visually group and segment contacts into categories which you can then apply rules to. For example, you could use the tool to group contacts into different teams based on their communication behaviors and apply rules to dictate how they should respond to email marketing campaigns.

If you’re new to AWeber, the divider is located under the “Manage” menu on the dashboard. From there, you can select the “Categories” option which will present you with a list of all available categories. Select the category you think that most fits the type of segment you’re trying to create and then click the “+ Add Rule” button.

A new window will appear where you can start entering values for the new rule. The first step is to enter a name for the rule. Next, you will want to decide how you would like the rule applied – either globally or to selected contacts. Finally, you can setup any variables you would like to track, like emails or phone numbers.

The AWeber divider is a great way to structure your marketing data and gain insights into the behavior of your contacts. It is also a great tool to build segmented lists based on criteria you set forth in advance. Plus, you can use the tool to create dynamic landing pages or segmented blogs based on the information you enter.

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