How to Link Your AWeber Autoresponder to a Download Button on Your Website

It’s now easy to create a free download button that will automatically send a PDF copy of your email to your visitors. Just follow this quick step-by-step tutorial and your download button will be live in no time.

The Basics

The most important thing to note about this tutorial is that it assumes you have an AWeber account. If you don’t have one yet, you can sign up for a free trial here. You will also need a website with a bit of storage space (a free account with has enough space).

Before you begin, you should also check with your website host to make sure you can create a downloadable file. Sometimes this is disabled on a shared hosting plan, so make sure to ask your host for help if you’re not sure whether or not you can create a downloadable file.

Step 1: Create a Download Button

From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Design tab and click on the Download button icon. You will see a button code next to the text area. Copy this button code and then return to your email marketing program (in this case, AWeber) and paste the code in the space provided for the buttons in your campaign.

Step 2: Create a Form With Two Submit Buttons

Next, you will need to create a form on your website that has two submit buttons. One button will lead to a thank you page after a user downloads a document, and the second button will take them to a different page or document. For example, if you are using the button to download a PDF document, the user will be taken to a page with a link to the PDF download when they click the button.

The easiest way to create this form is to use the Contact Form 7 plugin. This plugin will create a contact form with two submit buttons that you can customize with your own text and a link to a download page of your choosing. You can also choose to have the form lead to a thank you page or to a specific document or page on your site.

Step 3: Configure the Two Submit Buttons

The final step is to configure the two submit buttons you created in the previous step. First, click on the button that leads to a thank you page after a user downloads a document. Then, click on the other button to go to a different page or document on your site. Once these steps are implemented, your free download button will be ready to use.

That’s it! Now, whenever someone clicks the button, they will be directed to the URL you provided in the last step.

A Few Tips

If you’re using the button on your own website, you may want to consider creating a brief tutorial for users before they download your document. This can be simply a five-minute overview of what the document is and how to use it. You can also include helpful links or buttons that take them to more information if needed. For example, you can create a tutorial for a sales pitch and include a link to a page with pricing information.

Along with the tutorial, you can include a placeholder for the download to appear in. This will help users find the file they’re looking for while on your site and reduce the amount of time they have to spend looking for the file or leaving your site in order to find it. You can also choose to highlight key information in bold, or even using a graphic that will catch the eye.

Additional Resources

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