How to Setup Email Follow Up in AWeber

AWeber is a popular email marketing platform with a decent sized following. Today we’re going to show you how to setup email follow up and automated emails in AWeber.

Step 1: Create An AWeber Account

If you haven’t already, you’ll want to go ahead and create an account with AWeber. It’s free and the steps to get started are pretty simple. Once you have an account, go to your dashboard and click on the small cog located in the top right corner.

This will take you to your Settings page where you can begin configuring various email marketing options. Most of these settings can be found under the General tab, as shown below:

Step 2: Configure Email Follow Up

Now that you have an account, you’ll want to adjust the settings under the Email Follow Up section, as shown below:

Step 3: Set Up Automated Emails

Also under the General tab, you’ll want to check the Automated Emails option. When you do this, you’ll see two radio buttons. The first, labeled None, represents when you’re using the free version of AWeber, and the second, labeled Custom, is for those who’re using the premium version.

If you’re using the premium version of AWeber, you’ll see a few more options under the Automated Emails section, as shown below:

Step 4: Test Email Follow-Up

Once you’ve setup your email follow-up, you can test it by entering a name, email, and phone number into the form on the Contact page. If all goes well, you’ll see “Thank you for subscribing!” along with an option to subscribe to a free weekly newsletter.

Step 5: Rejoice!

That’s it! You just followed all the steps needed to setup email follow up in AWeber. Congrats! You can access your email marketing dashboard by going to your profile and clicking on the small cog in the top right corner.

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