How to Turn Off Your Confirmation Message in AWeber

You’ve just subscribed to a newsletter. Congrats! You’ll be hearing from us soon with some awesome content. You can also find and connect with other subscribers via our vibrant community. But you might be wondering, how do I turn off that annoying confirmation message?

If you’re using AWeber to collect emails, you’ll see a confirmation screen with a message like this one:

This is to inform you that you’ve been signed up for the LearnVest Newsletter.

I hate inboxes. Like really, really hate them. Especially the one in my email. It’s always filled with a giant list of stuff I don’t need and can’t ignore. As a result, I’ve already begun to block emails from certain senders. But that still leaves me with a massive inbox. Which is why I hate them. The solution? Unsubscribe. As fast as possible. That way, you won’t see any more annoying notifications. Forever. And to make your life a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best tips and tricks for avoiding those annoying emails. So continue reading to learn more.

Turn Off Your Confirmation Message In AWeber

If you use AWeber to collect emails, you’ll notice that there’s a confirmation screen that pops up after you sign up for a newsletter. It usually only has a couple of fields for your email address and a “subscribe” button. The confirmation screen is there to make sure you’re not a robot and to protect against spam. But if you want to skip the confirmation screen, you can go to your settings and turn it off. Here’s how:

From the Settings page in your AWeber dashboard, scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see the Options for the email collection workflow.

Turn off the confirmations all together by checking the box next to it. Then, click Save Changes.

That’s it! You won’t see the confirmation screen when signing up for a newsletter with AWeber. If you do see it, simply click the unsubscribe button to get right to the action.

Never Check Your Spam Folder For Emails

One of the worst things you can do is open up your spam folder and expect to see all your email. Especially since so many of them are fake and meant to trick you into clicking a link or opening an attachment. Never, ever, check your spam folder for emails. Unless you want to find out why your email is there and who it’s from. Then you can figure out what to do with it. But until then, it’s best to keep those spam folders closed.

This is especially important if you use Gmail. Because Gmail is generally the most popular email service in the world and has the most spam, you’ll usually find a lot of it in your spam folder. But that’s not necessarily the case. A lot of the spam ends up there due to Google’s incredible algorithm. Which is why it’s best to never ever go into your spam folder in the first place. It’s filled with a million false positives and it’ll take you a lot of time to sort through all of it.

Create Different Email Addresses For Different Types Of Communications

Speaking of spam, creating different email addresses can help prevent a lot of spam. It’s best to have a personal address that you use only for family and friends. And then, you can have a work address that you use for business-related emails. So, if you get a lot of spam from people you don’t know, it’s best to block them. You can also setup filters to prevent certain words or phrases from landing in your inbox. And if you have a lot of money to burn, you can purchase a premium account which gives you advanced spam filtering features. Otherwise, you’re stuck with basic filtering which is pretty easy to set up.

There are a lot of different ways you can set up different email addresses in AWeber. But in order to prevent a lot of spam, it’s best to separate your personal and professional emails.

Don’t Reply To Emails You Didn’t Ask For

Unless you absolutely have to, it’s usually best to not reply to email you didn’t ask for. Especially if you get a lot of them. You can also set up filters to prevent certain keywords or phrases from landing in your inbox. But if you have to read a lot of email to get things done, you’ll quickly see that a lot of it is spam and you’ll have to go through it all to get to the good stuff. It’s also best not to start a conversation with someone you don’t know or haven’t spoken to before. It’s easy for a spambot to impersonate a person and get you to click a link or open an attachment. So if you get a lot of messages like this, it’s best to just delete them and not reply.

Check Your Spam Folders Often

One of the best things you can do for your email marketing is check your spam folders often. This will help you find new emails you might have missed adding to your list. And it also helps protect you from getting caught up in the endless stream of spam. Checking your spam folder often will also help you discover new tactics spammers could use to get you to click a link or open an attachment. Also, if you check your spam folder often, you’ll notice new emails arrive there even if you don’t click the “innovative marketing” link in the email. This is because the spam algorithm usually finds a way to sneak past your spam filters. Once you’ve seen this happen, you’ll know to check your spam folder more frequently. This will also help protect you from getting any virus that might be floating around in there. So, even though it might seem like a chore at first, checking your spam folder often can actually be a helpful thing.

Sign Up For All The Important Newsletters

One of the things you might do if you want to get the most out of your email is sign up for all the important newsletters. Like, for example, the ones from your favorite blogs or websites. It’s easy enough to do this. When you sign up for a newsletter, you’ll get an email with a confirmation link. Then, you can go back and click the link to confirm your subscription. This will help keep your email address safe and it will help ensure you get all the important updates from the blog or website you’re subscribed to. So, don’t forget to do this because it’s really important to ensure you get the news you need to stay on top of things.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is simply protecting your account with a second layer of authentication. This is usually something you have to manually add and it’s called “2FA.” Basically, whenever you log in to a new device or account, you’ll have to enter a code that’s sent to your smartphone. Something simple like “mypassword” and “1234” won’t work, but this is something you get sent:

The benefit of two-factor authentication is that not only do you have to have something to enter when you log in, but you have to verify that you are who you say you are. This is especially helpful if you get a lot of spammy emails which try to trick you into opening them. Without 2FA, it’s really easy for someone to pose as you and get your account hacked. The more information you have to input when you log in, the better so you can’t be tricked by anyone.

Learn From The Best

Even though this tip might seem like common sense, getting the most out of your email means learning how to avoid all of those annoying emails. That’s a lot of email you don’t need to check. Especially since a lot of it is probably spam and you’ll have to go through it all to get to the good stuff. The key is to not open any of it unless you absolutely have to. Which is why it’s best to use filters to prevent certain emails from ever reaching your inbox. Unless of course, you want to get flooded with useless emails. Then it’s best to just put up with it and learn from the best.

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