How to Get IBM’s Email Marketing Engine Running on Your Domain

In 2014, IBM made a major move and invested heavily in marketing automation and email marketing.

Emails are important. We all receive them regularly, and many of us have hundreds of emails in our inboxes at any given time. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of getting people to learn about your product or service, or of engaging with potential customers. Sending out occasional emails, whether they’re sales or marketing emails, can also boost your conversion rates.

If you’re looking to take your email marketing efforts to the next level and integrate email marketing into your entire marketing strategy, then this blog post is for you.

Set Up Email Marketing

The first step to creating an effective email marketing strategy is to set up your account. You can do this through your control panel or through your website’s email marketing service. Make sure you have a dedicated server that’s powerful enough to handle all of your email activity. For larger companies, this typically means a cloud server.

You also need to consider your email deliverability. We all know that email campaigns don’t always go smoothly, and sometimes marketers fight against spam filters, resulting in dropped campaigns and wasted time.

To avoid this, you need to make sure that you’ve configured your email servers correctly. This means that your email address (for example, should be hosted on a server that’s accessible only to approved senders. If you don’t have the technical know-how, then one of the best things you can do for yourself is to hire an expert to help you set up and manage your email servers. They’ll be able to tell you which emails will get flagged as spam and which ones will be delivered to your audience.

Choose The Right Platform

When deciding which email marketing platform to use, you need to choose something that’s flexible and easy to use, but that also has enough functionality to help you grow your business. Luckily, there are several great options available.

One of the first platforms we recommend is Mailchimp. If you’re just getting started with email marketing, then this is the perfect solution. Not only do they have a free plan that’s suitable for any business, but they also provide you with all the features you need to grow your email list and send out professional marketing emails.

The Learning Curve Is Great

Marketing is a constantly evolving field, and the more you learn, the more you’ll be able to achieve. With that in mind, let’s look at one of the best email marketing platforms, HubSpot. Like Mailchimp, HubSpot provides you with a free trial so you can see how their software works and determine whether or not it’s right for your business. While their free plan has several limitations, such as a lack of advanced features and a 30-day trial, it’s still one of the best choices available for those looking for a simple and intuitive tool.

Why Should You Integrate Email Into Your Marketing Strategy?

Email marketing is important because it’s an inexpensive and easy way to reach customers. You can put out an email with a simple call to action, such as asking your readers to click a link or enter their email address. You can also send out regular emails that contain useful information about your business, such as a weekly newsletter or a roundup of the best stories from your blog. The most effective email marketers connect with their audience through their content, keeping them engaged and interested in what they have to say.

Making the decision to integrate email marketing into your strategy doesn’t require you to make major changes. You can simply take advantage of the tools already available to you and begin using email to better engage with your customers. You just need to make sure you have the proper mindset and approach to using this powerful marketing tool. And remember: with great power comes great responsibility!

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