Is There a Way to Email Unconfirmed in AWeber?

One of the questions I get asked the most is, “Is there a way to send an email to a group of people without them seeing it as spam?”

To answer this question, let’s take a quick look at spam versus unsubscribe versus marketing emails.

You might wonder what the difference is between spam and unsubscribe emails. Simply put, spam is unsolicited email – sometimes called “SPAM” for short – that comes to a person’s inbox in mass. Typically, spam is sent to people without their knowledge, and it’s often designed to make a quick buck for the sender. It’s the type of email that might come from a Nigerian prince who wants to talk to you about investing in his country’s cocoa farm.

Unsubscribe emails are those that are solicited by a brand or business and are typically sent to people who have expressed an interest in receiving these types of emails. In return for your interest, you’ll receive a series of emails from the company in the future with product information and offers. These types of emails are usually triggered by a specific action – such as purchasing a product or subscribing to a newsletter – and they are guaranteed to get the attention of your inbox.

Why Would Someone Ask This Question?

You might be wondering why someone would ask this question, and here’s where my crystal ball is coming in. About two years ago, I predicted that people would become less concerned with whether or not their email was spammed and more focused on whether or not they wanted to receive the emails they were receiving. As email marketing evolves, these kinds of questions will become less relevant.

On the subject of email marketing, I recommend getting in touch with someone at AWeber. They can help you write effective emails that will resonate with your audience and provide you with the leads you need to grow your business.

How Can Email Confirmation Be Helpful?

When you’re sending out an email to a large group of people, you don’t want to do it without confirmation that they actually wanted to receive the email. This can be difficult to sort out manually, which is why you might ask the question, “Is there a way to send email to unconfirmed email list?”

If you did choose to email unconfirmed emails, you would want to find a way to ensure that the email didn’t end up in a junk folder or spam filter because there were no “from” or “to” addresses specified. You could put in place some basic email confirmation steps to make sure that everyone who receives the email notices it’s from you and that it hasn’t been marked as spam. This could include:

  • Requesting the subscriber to click on a link in the email to confirm their subscription.
  • Having a confirmation box at the bottom of the email containing a link to a webpage where they can enter a verification code.
  • Creating a special URL that will take them to a webpage where they can enter a verification code.
  • Placing a link in the email that when clicked, takes the user to a webpage with a code they can scan.

Depending on your email marketing software, you might be able to set up email campaigns with different opt-in thresholds. For example, if you’re using Marketo, you could set up a rule that says: “If the number of people who opt-in to an email list is less than 10, don’t send them another email.” With these kinds of rules you can create a successful strategy to keep people engaged and interested in your content while not inundating them with useless emails.

What If I Want to Send Unsubscribe Or Spam-Free Emails To My List?

If you’re serious about email marketing and want to avoid unsubsidized emails ending up in your spam folder, you might want to consider using a tool like MailChimp or Drip to build and manage your email list.

With these tools, you can easily set up automated email campaigns that don’t end up in your spam folder because they’re correctly identified as either unsubscribe or spam. They also provide you with the tools to segment your list and target the right people with relevant content.

Sending Unsubscribed Emails Illegally May Not Be A Good Idea

This is arguably the most common question I get asked, so it’s number two on my list.

If you’re choosing to send emails to an email list that you’ve built without their knowledge, you’re basically committing identity theft. They have no way of knowing that they were signed up for your mailing list without permission and it’s definitely not a good idea to do this.

The best way to send emails to an unconfirmed list is through a tool like Benchmarker or Tailored Marketing. These tools automatically send out emails to new subscribers without them having to verify their addresses first. This means you can quickly get the word out about your new product or service without risking your email reputation.

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