How to Market Your JW Marriott Mall of America Email List

If you’re looking to grow your email list, you’ve probably considered the JW Marriott Mall of America as a possible source of potential subscribers. Although it might not be the most obvious choice, the JW Marriott Mall of America actually offers a treasure trove of marketing opportunities.

To get started, simply use the following four steps to craft an effective email marketing campaign.

Step one: Select an email marketing software

One of the first steps in any email marketing campaign is to choose an email marketing software. Although there are a variety of options, from incredibly basic to advanced, you should select an email marketing tool that’s easy to use and has features that you’ll actually utilize.

This might seem like an obvious choice, but if you’re new to email marketing, it’s worth considering which platform is best suited to your needs. Once you’ve made the decision, move on to step two.

Step two: Choose your target audience

The next step is to choose your target audience. When it comes to email marketing, the general rule of thumb is to choose an audience that suits your product best. By expanding your target audience, you’re more likely to achieve your goals — whether they’re sales-related or just to promote healthy lifestyles.

For example, if you’re an affiliate marketer, you might consider appealing to parents with children. With this audience, you can market a range of products related to education (such as tutors, homework assistance, or learning apps) or family (such as travel agencies, family-friendly attractions, or family-centric festivals).

If you’re a retailer, you might choose suburban moms as your target audience. This group is most easily reached by products related to home decor (such as floral arrangements, outdoor grills, or candle-lit rooms) — all of which are highly relevant to their life style. In addition, you can promote your store’s website via the platform’s email functionality.

Step three: Customize your email’s subject line

One of the first things anyone will read when receiving an email is the subject line. Although it might not seem like a lot of people pay attention to this element, you can bet they do. A recent study from Litmus showed that the subject line of a well-written email can increase click-through rates by 70% and open rates by 25%.

In addition to increasing the odds of a click-through, you can utilize subject lines to draw more subscribers to your email list. To craft an effective subject line, consider using a hook that immediately draws the reader’s attention (e.g., “Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Gaming Experience”).

Step four: Design your email’s body

So you’ve decided to email your prospect list with a nifty subject line and caught their attention. Now it’s time to take a brief hiatus from writing and get down to business.

Once you’ve hit “send,” the next step is to design your email’s body. Although there are a number of free tools that can help you design an email template, you should invest in a quality email marketing software. Not only do these tools make the process of designing an email much smoother, but they can also automate many of the steps involved in sending the email.


To conclude, let’s review what we’ve covered in this article. From selecting the right email marketing software to targeting your audience, creating a compelling subject line, and designing a winning email template, to sending your email and ensuring you get the results you want, these are all essential steps to take before launching your email marketing campaign.

Although the process might seem complex, once you get started, it becomes obvious how easy and effective email marketing can be. With a little planning and research, you’re sure to find an audience that suits your product or service best. In addition, you can rest assured that a quality email marketing platform has all the required tools needed to get the job done.

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