Lids Email Marketing: What You Need to Know

In this article, you’ll discover everything you need to know about Lids email marketing, including important details about the course, expert testimonials, and more.

The Overview

Lids is the world’s #1 designer of luxury sunglasses, and their mailing list is a testament to the brand’s success. Over the years, the company has accrued a database of 2 million subscribers who’ve expressed interest in hearing about new product releases and special offers.

Lids uses email marketing to generate sales, provide exclusive discounts, and much more. Those interested in becoming more efficient and effective with online marketing can learn a lot from this popular brand’s approach.

Why Email Marketing?

Just like any other business, Lids enjoys generating leads and making sales. However, unlike many companies, they’ve honed their approach to digital marketing and utilize email marketing as a key part of their strategy.

Other online and digital marketing platforms can be ineffective and inefficient when compared to email marketing. The simple fact is that people who use email in contrast to those who don’t typically buy what they’re marketing. Thus, by relying on digital marketing and email, companies can ensure that they’re reaching their audience and subsequently achieving their marketing goals.

The Difference In Generating Leads Using Email Marketing

One of the major differences between email marketing and other digital marketing methods is the lead generation process. With email marketing, you’ll generally receive a confirmation email after you’ve been subscribed to the list. Then, when you click on a link or button in that email, you’ll be taken to a landing page where you can make a purchase or get more information about the product or service.

In contrast, those who use other digital marketing methods will visit websites, which may or may not be affiliated with the brand or company trying to generate business. They might also get in touch with the company through social media platforms, such as LinkedIn or Twitter.

The point is that with other digital marketing methods, you never quite know what to expect, and you’ll never know if you’re reaching your audience or just generating noise.

However, with email marketing, you can rest assured that you’re reaching your audience, and when you send out promotional emails, you’ll generally see a rise in sales. This is mainly because people who receive a lot of email generally trust the source and know what to expect. Thus, when you send an email marketing campaign, you can be sure that you’re going to reach your audience.

How To Get Started With Email Marketing

To get started with email marketing, all you need is a Gmail account and a phone with internet access. From there, you can create a mailing list and start sending out promotional emails to people on your list.

To grow your business using email marketing, you need to make sure that you have the following elements in place: target audience, content schedule, calls-to-action, and list management.

Target Audience

The first and most critical step in creating an effective email marketing campaign is to identify your target audience. Just like in any other form of marketing, you have to understand who you’re trying to reach and what they want. For this specific type of marketing, you need to focus on upscale, sophisticated men and women who wear sunglasses regularly.

Why are they your target audience? First, they’re more receptive to online marketing and commercial emails. In the past, women have dominated the luxury sunglasses market. However, as society has become more digital, men have taken the reins. In fact, according to HubSpot Blogs, 61% of adult males in the U.S. purchased a pair of sunglasses in the past year.

In addition, upscale, sophisticated men and women are more likely to purchase items from a brand or company that they know and trust. Thus, by building a brand name among this group, you can ensure that when they do make a purchase, it will be through your website or email.

Building a mailing list is the next step in creating an email marketing campaign. You can do this through various platforms, such as Google Sheets or a membership site. Integrating your email list with other marketing platforms, such as HubSpot, can help you stay organized and be more efficient in your marketing efforts.

Content Schedule

The next step in creating an effective email marketing campaign is to create a content schedule. You need to define when you’ll send out each piece of content and how many times you’ll send it.

For example, if you have a new product launch or major sale during the summer, you may want to schedule a newsletter in the spring to build interest and excitement among your audience. Then, in the summer, you can follow up with a promotional email.

Scheduling content can be difficult, especially if you have a lot of new ideas and want to try out a new tactic regularly. That’s why you need to establish a content schedule and stick to it. Otherwise, you could end up with a flood of useless emails in your inbox.

Calls To Action

The next and final step in creating an effective email marketing campaign is to set up calls to action. Simply put, these are the actions that you want the reader to take after they’ve been exposed to your marketing.

In the case of luxury sunglasses, your calls to action could be anything from signing up for a special offer to buying a specific model or design. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that whatever you choose, it needs to be something that will drive action.

Your calls to action should be concise, easy to understand, and exactly what the reader is looking for. You can also add a short blurb about who you are and what your business is about to make it easier for the reader to understand.

List Management

The last step in creating an effective email marketing campaign is to make sure that you’re keeping track of all of your contacts. To do this, you need to have a list of emails saved on your phone or other devices. Then, when you get a new contact, you can add them to your list. Just make sure that you never send emails to anyone who’s on your marketing list or they’ll be inclined to complain.

In addition, you should have a separate email account just for your marketing. It’s easy to get carried away with other aspects of business and forget about marketing, especially if you’re on a tight schedule. Having a separate email just for your marketing can be helpful in staying organized and ensuring that you capture all of the important leads and follow-ups.

You can take advantage of the digital marketing world and become more efficient with commercial email by learning from the pros. Like any other form of marketing, the success of your email marketing campaign largely depends on how you use it. But first, you need to define what you’ll use it for. Once you’ve done that, you can move forward and develop your strategy. Then, you can grow your business and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

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