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Lindsay Dunn is the Director of Marketing at Charter Homes & Neighborhoods, a company that specializes in making homeownership achievable for everyone. She leads the marketing department and develops marketing materials, including pitches, for the company’s projects. In this role, she is responsible for driving inbound marketing strategy, which focuses on attracting, engaging, and retaining customers through content, online, and social media.

In The Direct Market Segment, Where Does She Fit In?

Marketing to homeowners is a huge topic right now; many real estate platforms, such as ZipRealty, have dedicated entire sections of their websites to the topic. As a result, many real estate brokers and agents have jumped on the bandwagon and are using digital marketing to attract prospective buyers.

However, not all realty companies have transitioned to digital marketing strategy; some still rely on traditional methods of attracting buyers. When it comes to marketing and networking, many real estate companies have turned to the multi-level marketing (MLM) model, where they’ll pay you to persuade other people to buy their products. While this may be viable in the short term, it can be extremely difficult to become profitable as an MLM rep.

How Does She Impact The Marketing Process?

When you’re running a business, nothing is more vital than being able to measure the success of your marketing efforts. For a business that operates in real estate, a critical part of the marketing process is maintaining contact with past customers and enticing them to become new customers. This is where a CRM system comes in handy; with a CRM, you can track every little detail of a customer’s interaction with your business, from their inquiry to their purchase, and you can adapt your marketing strategies based on what you learn from each interaction. A/B testing is also a possibility with CRM tools, so you can see which strategies work best and then apply what you learn to increase your conversions.

What Are The Most Important Things To Include In Her Job Description?

If you’re looking to hire a real estate marketing professional, here are some important things to include in her job description:

  • An ability to develop and implement marketing strategy
  • A willingness to travel
  • A desire to grow as a professional
  • A desire to have fun while working
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A research skill (ideally in the real estate industry)
  • A friendly personality
  • And, of course, ability to sell (bring in the revenue)

The Biggest Challenge Facing The Real Estate Marketing Profession Today?

One of the biggest challenges facing the real estate marketing profession today is the changing nature of the industry. Just like any other industry, real estate is constantly adapting to new technologies and changing consumer behavior. In addition, the housing market is experiencing a major shift as more and more consumers are opting to rent instead of own their homes. This too is a significant challenge for real estate marketers.

As a business owner or marketer, how do you respond to these challenges? Which ones are you currently facing, and which ones are you planning on facing in the future?

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