How to Write Marketing Emails Without Graphics

Is there anything more irritating than receiving an email that looks like it’s been hastily thrown together and is full of spelling errors and other flaws? Sure, there are lots of reasons why you might get an email from your email marketing service that doesn’t look good—maybe the person who handles your account is new and doesn’t have the talent to make your emails look elegant or beautiful. Or maybe they’re just doing it as a favor since you’ve paid for the service.

Regardless of the reason why your emails look the way they do, you’ll always know that they’re not perfect thanks to those all-too-familiar red flags that pop up when you click on them:

  • spelling errors
  • grammatical errors
  • poorly crafted sentences
  • mismatched quotes
  • missing words
  • unresponsive links
  • broken images
  • jumped-up paragraphs
  • and more

If you want to write a professional-looking email that will have your readers open it and take action, then don’t underestimate the importance of graphics in marketing. After all, no one wants to read dull, written-out messages anymore. As a marketer, you know how important it is to keep your audience interested and engaged with your content. And what better way to do it than with engaging content such as infographics, visual content or colorful images?

As mentioned, no one enjoys receiving an email with those aforementioned red flags all over it. So if you want to write a marketing email that will grab your audience’s attention, avoid these simple yet effective email writing hacks:

1. Don’t Overuse Capital Letters

Nowadays, no one really cares about your spelling errors or whether your sentences are well-crafted. Instead, they want to know what you’re going to say next, and they want to know it quickly. So if you want your email to stand out, don’t overuse capital letters. Even if you’re applying for a job as an editor, you’d probably be frowned upon for using all caps.

Also, don’t put exclamation points after every few words. Doing so makes your email sound cheery, as if you’re shouting at your reader to get their attention. Instead, use words that stand out and draw your reader in. Sometimes, a dash of humor can work wonders too. But make sure you don’t use humor for the sake of humor. Find the right tone that suits your email’s purpose. Otherwise, it will come off as insincere.

2. No Images

Everyone loves images. It’s no secret. Seeing an image can make you more receptive to reading the text that comes after it. As such, don’t be shy about including images in your email. But not every image has to be related to your product or service. In fact, you can use any image you want as long as you include a relevant caption.

When choosing an image for your email, make sure that it’s not too small to be seen clearly on a mobile device. In that case, you might want to consider using a banner instead. These days, people mostly access email on their phones, so make sure your email looks good on all devices.

3. Keep It Short

Your email’s length doesn’t matter as much as you think it does. In fact, one of the best email marketing services let you send bulk messages with lots of options. Meaning, you can send a series of emails to your subscribers, each one pitching a different product or service. As a result, you don’t have to worry about your email being too short. It will always be short enough to be read on a mobile device.

4. Use Keywords

If you want to write a successful email, incorporate keywords into your subject line and throughout your email’s content. Doing so can help you increase your email’s click-through rate. As a general rule of thumb, use up to three keywords per email.

For example, if you’re writing an email to promote a weight loss product, you might want to include some of these keywords in your subject line:

  • weight loss
  • lose weight
  • burn calories
  • eat less
  • reduce food

Then, you can use these keywords in your body of the email to draw your reader in with compelling content, like this:

  • Have you ever wondered how many calories you’re really eating? Want to know how much fat your body really needs?
  • Are you looking for the easiest way to lose weight? Try the diet plan featured on this site.
  • Do you struggle with irregular eating habits? Get a handle on your hunger with the help of this nifty tool that I’ve tried and found useful.
  • Do you find it difficult to stay motivated? Keep your spirits up with this fun game called Boredom Breakers, which I’ve tried and found motivating.
  • As you can see, every question in the previous list is followed by an invitation to read more about the product or service.

When choosing keywords, don’t just look for the most popular terms. Instead, find the terms that are closely related to your product or service. In the example above, you’re using keywords to draw attention to a weight loss product. As such, your keywords should be relevant to the topic of the email. If you were writing an email to promote a dating site, then your keywords would be better suited to match up with the content of your email.

5. Proofread

Once you’ve written your email’s content, go through it carefully and edit out any errors. Also, make sure that your grammar is correct and that your style is consistent throughout. In other words, make sure that every word, phrase, and sentence adds value to your email’s message and that it doesn’t contain any spelling errors or language that can be considered too informal. Once you’ve edited out all the errors, give the email a quick once-over and make sure that it looks visually appealing. If you’re still not satisfied with the way your email looks, you can always draft a new version. But at least your efforts will be worth it.

There you have it! Now that you’re equipped with the basics of email marketing, you can easily write a successful email pitch.

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