How Much Does It Cost to Create an Email List?

Most businesses assume that getting in touch with potential customers via email is a cheap and easy way to follow up with potential customers. However, creating and maintaining an email list just for advertising purposes can be rather expensive. How much does it cost to create an email list? Let’s find out.

Average Costs For An Email List

Emails are not free. According to the marketing research firm HubSpot, getting in touch with someone via email costs an average of 2.65 cents per email. This is compared to 56 cents per email for a text message and a whopping 74 cents per email for a phone call. So, if you want to send an email to your list of subscribers, it will cost you about 2.65 cents on average.

Depending on your email marketing platform, the cost may vary. HubSpot reports that some services have a minimum charge of $5 per week, while others have a minimum charge of $25 per month. Whatever your minimum charge is, you will have to pay it every week.

Cost Per Subscriber

While sending an email to your list of subscribers may only cost you a few cents, the cost per subscriber can be quite high. According to HubSpot, getting a new subscriber for a marketing email service will cost you an average of 94 cents per month. This is compared to 42 cents per month for an aged-based email list and 53 cents per month for a targeted email list. Your cost per subscriber will increase as your email list grows. So, if you want to see how much it costs to follow up with an email list of subscribers, simply multiply your monthly sending costs by the number of recipients you want to email.

How Many Emails Can I Send?

You may believe that as a business owner or founder, you can send as many emails as you want to your list of subscribers without worrying about whether or not you will get charged. However, this is far from true. Each day, email marketing platforms such as MailChimp and HubSpot have to contend with the “spam” problem. The “spam” problem is all about getting too many emails into people’s inboxes. As a result, most email marketing platforms have daily or weekly limits on how many emails you can send. Sometimes this limit is imposed because you are contacting too many people or because you are sending too frequently.

How Do I Get Started?

If you want to get started with an email list, the best place to start is with your company’s email program. Most companies have some type of email list that they use for marketing purposes. You can use this email list to get started with your own email list.

To get started, simply log into your company’s email program and look for the “marketing” button. This will bring up a list of all the emails for your company. Select the one that you want to use for your list and click “create”. This will bring you to a page with all the options for getting started with your list. Give your list a name and make sure that you enter a “description”. The “from” email will be the email that you use when you send emails to your list. You can also add an “invitation” to your email so that your list can have someplace to go when they get the email. You can find out more about getting started with your company’s email list here:

Building An Email List

Once you have your company’s email list, you can start to grow your own email list by using a tool like GetResponse. With GetResponse, you can choose from a variety of email marketing templates or you can create your own design. You can also choose from various marketing tools, such as text-based ads, to display on your site along with the emails.

To begin, create a new email and name it “marketing”. Make sure that you write something short and snappy in the description box. You want to make sure that your list can easily identify the value that you provide. Next, you will want to add a signature to the email that lets your list know that you are, in fact, the one who sent the email. You can put anything that you want in your email signature. However, keep in mind that you are advertising, so you want to keep the message consistent.

Should I Send A Thank You Email To My Users?

Depending on your business model and the type of content that you create, you may want to send a thank you email to your users. You can put a lot of work into creating great content, so it is only fair that you should thank your users for having an interest in your content. When you send a thank you email, simply write something short and sweet to each person on your list. You can also use your email list to follow up with various promotions and discounts that you offer.

Some businesses will go the extra mile and engage with their customers more effectively by sending a thank you email. For example, if you sell health and fitness products and you wrote an informative blog post about working out, you may want to send a quick email to your customers thanking them for their interest in your content. You can also include a link to the blog post that they can read.

Getting Started With Email Marketing

Once you set up your own email list, you can get started with email marketing. Simply take note of the various platforms on which you can send emails (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail) and choose a free email marketing service (e.g., HubSpot, which is a tool that allows you to create and send emails).

You may want to consider investing in a professional email marketing service. Doing so can help you get the most out of your email list and help you avoid any trouble with spam filters.

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