How To Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns More Effective With Direct Mail

When an email marketing campaign is introduced, instantaneously, the focus turns to the many benefits that this medium offers. It’s no secret that email marketing is a cheaper and more effective way to communicate with your audience than traditional methods such as print media and television. But, while the benefits are numerous, they can be difficult to grasp, especially if you’re not used to relying on email as your main mode of communication.

The Growth Of Email As A Marketing Tool

Despite its recent explosion in popularity, email marketing did not always have such a promising future. That all changed in the early 2000s when the growth of the Internet made it possible to reach millions of potential customers with just a few clicks of a button. The growth of email marketing was quick to follow and by 2004, over one in five American companies used email marketing to grow their businesses. Today, that number is around the globe.

Why You Should Care About Direct Mail

If you’re reading this, it’s fair to assume that you’re already aware of the many benefits that email marketing offers. But, even if you are, it’s important to understand the role that direct mail plays in the email ecosystem. Essentially, direct mail is when you send physical mail – usually a letter or a postcard – to a potential customer. The goal is to generate sales via a combination of marketing and sales activities – including email marketing. So, while you might initially think that email marketing is a ‘done deal’ in terms of gaining traction, direct mail is still a viable option for many businesses.

What’s more, not all businesses are created equal. For some, especially larger businesses, direct mail is a proven method of generating sales and growing their bottom line. The key is to understand what makes direct mail so effective as a marketing tool and how you can integrate it into your own marketing strategy. That way, you can produce the most effective campaigns possible and maximize the benefits that this digital marketing method has to offer.

How To Make Your Email Marketing More Effective With Direct Mail

So, how can you make your email marketing more effective with direct mail? There are several ways, but first, it’s important to understand the role that this form of marketing plays in the grand scheme of things. Essentially, you need to look at marketing as a whole, not just a singular technique. That means that you have to consider what works best for you, your customers, and the types of offers you make.

Here are some of the things that you can do to make your email marketing more effective with direct mail.

Integrate Direct Mail Into Your Marketing Strategy

One of the first and most vital things that you can do to make your email marketing more effective with direct mail is to integrate it into your overall marketing strategy. This means that, instead of simply launching a standalone email marketing campaign and then, maybe, throwing in a physical mailer every once in a while, you should consider why you are sending mailers at all. If you want to maximize the benefits that direct mail has to offer, it’s important to think about the whole sales process and how you can use the various inbound marketing methods that you already have in place to draw customers in, educate them and close the deal.

Find Your Niche

Another important thing that you can do to make your email marketing more effective with direct mail is to find your niche. This is similar to finding your audience. Just as broadcast media seeks to reach a mass audience, direct mail seeks to find the one or few people who are most likely to buy what you’re offering. Once you’ve found them, you can hone in on your pitch, building a relationship that will hopefully lead to the sale.

Keep It Simple

One of the main reasons that direct mail marketing is effective is that it’s really, really, simple. Anyone can do it, and when you keep things simple, you allow the data to speak for itself. Keep your mailer simple and streamlined and your audience will thank you for it.

If you’re already using email as part of your strategy, taking the time to set up a physical mailing list is a no-brainer. Even if you’re just planning on sending out one mailer, it’s worth the minimal effort. The goal is to build a list of potential customers who you can then turn into paying customers. So, while it might be tempting to go all-in on digital marketing and ignore the other methods, doing so could prove to be your worst marketing decision. In the end, your business will thank you for keeping direct mail in your marketing toolkit.

Use Scarcity

One of the best things that you can do to make your email marketing more effective with direct mail is to use scarcity. This is all about presenting your audience with limited offerings, compelling them to act now, before it’s too late. Just look at the greatest hits album by the Rolling Stones. It’s full of great songs, but it wasn’t until the very end of the album that they drop the bomb that the album is limited to just seven songs, with two additional hidden tracks.

Even if you don’t want to go down the route of an album with only a few songs on it, you can use scarcity in a number of ways. First, consider the limited time that your audience has to act. Second, only provide them with a small slice of useful information. Third, present them with a pleasurable experience. Think of how the limited edition vinyl records that were just released, only available for a few days, compel us to action.

Use History

Another fantastic way to make your email marketing more effective with direct mail is to use history. This is all about drawing on the experience of others to convince your audience that what you’re promising will, indeed, work. Think about how many cars you’ve purchased that you didn’t even ask for, simply because they were the best available at the time when you made your purchase.

It’s easy for us to look back on our past experiences and draw conclusions about the future. In the same way that a salesperson might tell you that they saw your previous orders and know that you’ll be back for more, you can use history to convince your audience that what you’re offering will be valuable to them. Just make sure that you are giving your audience enough information about your product, including all of its benefits.

Make Them Feel Special

One of the main objectives of any marketing campaign is to convince the customer that you are the best choice for them, based on your offer. So, in order to do that, you need to be able to convince them of your expertise in your area and that you understand their needs. One really nice touch that you can add to your email marketing is to make the recipient feel special. This is really easy to do and makes them feel as if you’ve gone above and beyond to make sure that they get what they need, exactly when they need it. It’s a simple and yet effective trick that can boost your sales dramatically.

Consider The Costs

It’s important to consider the costs associated with direct mail marketing. Obviously, you’re not going to get it done for free, as there is always some sort of cost, either in terms of money or effort (mailing lists are usually purchased on an opt-in basis). Once you have the list, you can start sending out your mailers. But, before you do, it’s important to take a hard look at how much it’s going to cost you and if it’s a viable long-term option for your business.

When To Use Direct Mail

So, when should you use direct mail? Ideally, you want to use this method of marketing at various stages of the customer journey. This is all about drawing in new audiences, while still retaining your existing customers. So, if you’re just starting out, consider using direct mail to build your audience. It’s a great way to gain credibility with potential customers, while still having the benefits of a lean marketing budget. As you become more established, you can start to phase out direct mail, shifting more towards digital marketing. But, even then, you might want to consider using it, as it can still be effective. Especially if you’re starting to lose touch with your audience, direct mail is a great way to reconnect, while also reminding them, why they originally became customers in the first place.

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