How to Build a Successful Email List for Your Mars Business

In 2022, Mars Technologies Corp will be launching the first commercial interplanetary space station, the Red Planet. The company has been building towards this moment for decades, developing rockets and spaceships that will make the trip possible. Now that the moment has come, the company is looking for ways to connect with their customers and potential customers in the most effective way possible. To do this, they have turned to social media.

Mars is a privately held company, founded in 1965 and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. The company designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of products for the global aerospace and defense industries. In 2020 they will begin manufacturing their new rocket, the VELA, in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada.

As part of its marketing strategy, Mars is using social media to reach potential customers and gain engagement. Currently, the company is using Facebook and Instagram to engage with customers and potential customers in a digital space, using traditional advertising on their website and in print media. However, with the world shifting to a digital sphere, why not try and build a successful email list?

Why Build An Email List?

Well, quite simply put, an email list is crucial for any business in today’s world. Thanks to the marvels of digital marketing and data collection, email lists have become the cornerstone of any marketing plan. As a marketer or business owner, you cannot ignore the importance of an email list. You may think that social media is the key to connecting with customers and building a community, but in truth, your email list will always be the most effective tool in your marketing arsenal.

If you are looking to build a business that will be successful for years to come, you should consider focusing on connecting with and engaging with your customers through email marketing. Whether you are looking to sell a product or service and generate leads or looking to grow your business through word of mouth, generating quality leads from a diverse group of people is the key to global success.

How Can An Email List Help My Business?

Let’s be honest, if you’re reading this, you’re probably already at least somewhat familiar with email marketing. You may use marketing automation tools such as HubSpot to organize and schedule emails to be sent to your prospects and customers. You may even have an email list of your own, which you can use to send out periodic communications.

However, did you know that you could do so much more with an email list? There are numerous ways that an email list can help your business. Here are just a few:

  • Engage with your customers more effectively – withdrawing into our bubbles has become a thing of the past, and email marketing allows you to interact with your prospects and customers on a one-to-one basis.
  • Collect information – instead of relying on a handful of websites for your business’ marketing needs, with email marketing, you can reach a wide array of people on multiple platforms.
  • Measure the success of your marketing efforts – with email marketing, you can see the results of your campaigns in terms of open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.
  • Identify areas of strength and weakness – through analysis of the content of your email list, you can determine the kinds of messages that your customers are responding to and the ones that they are not.
  • Identify and target your ideal buyer – customers who have an actively engaged interest in your product or service will usually find and connect with you wherever they are, whether it’s on social media or in a traditional brick-and-mortar setting.
  • Keep your customers informed – even if you’re selling a product that they’ve already purchased, you can still use email marketing to send them information related to their needs and interests. For example, if you are an insurance company and your customer has renewed their policy with you, you can send them a periodic email outlining the benefits of their new policy. If you are a plumber and your customer has had a problem with their water heater, you can use email marketing to send them information about the best local plumber that you know. Not only will this keep your customers informed, but it will also increase their trust in your brand.
  • Create a sense of community – even if your customers don’t interact with you on a personal level via social media or your website, they can feel a part of something bigger via email marketing. Create a newsletter that you can use to keep in touch with people who have shown an interest in your products or services, and watch your sales grow.
  • Avoid costly mistakes – if you’re constantly checking Twitter or Facebook for feedback, you may discover that you’re making some costly mistakes in terms of customer service. An engaged and informed email list can help you avoid these kinds of costly errors by allowing you to listen to and address concerns before they become major issues.
  • Boost your SEO – SEO is an important part of any online marketer’s toolkit. However, a lot of people forget about the value that a well-written and designed email can have for their SEO. Designing a great email can make your website more accessible to search engines and drive more traffic to your site.
  • Have more fun with content – while social media allows you to interact with your customers and potential clients on a one-to-one basis, email marketing allows you to have more fun with content. Don’t feel like you have to keep everything serious when communicating with customers and potential customers.

Thanks to the growth of email marketing, your competition is likely already there. Before you know it, your email list will be populated with numerous contact details of interested parties. You can add value to their life by helping them realize their goals and dreams, or you can just continue doing what you’ve always done and reap the benefits.

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